School News 9/8/17

Happy First week of school!

We are so excited to have all of you here at our school!  Thank you for joining us this year!  This week has been a busy one full of smiles and tears, projects, paint, new routines and learning the ground rules of the classrooms.  The children are getting used to the new routines, and enjoyed reading “The Kissing Hand” to help them when they are missing YOU!  Check out the pictures below to see all those smiles!

Please make sure that you check out the Welcome Letter HERE for the new school year. This is packed with information about the school year.  A lot of this we covered at the parent meeting last night.

Another thing we mentioned at the parent meeting was packing reasonable portions for your children to finish during the 11:30-12:15 lunch time.  If you child does not finish their food, we will send it home so you have an idea of what they ate.  We want lunch time to be enjoyable and we do not want to make your child finish all of the food if they say they are done.  You will also see a food prep list go home once or twice during the school year. We ask that you bring the items in for the children to do food prep during the week in the classroom. Here is a sample of what you may see when it is your turn to bring food prep!

Make sure your child brings a jacket each day!  We are going outside in the morning and it is still a little chilly!

We have posted the Pre-School themes outside of the classrooms doors.  You can also view that Here.

Here is the September Menu for you to take a look at HERE.  We will provide a vegetarian option.


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