School News 9/15/17

Thank you for all clocking your children in and out on our new system!  It has been very helpful to track your children’s times and hope that you enjoy the paper free method!

Ms. Dee has been updating our records for your children’s physicals and immunizations.  If you could please send in that information by October 1st that would be very helpful. We have to submit all of our records to the state in October!

With the weather being so up and down, please make sure that you are bringing your child a coat for our morning outside time.

If you have not noticed, there are sign up sheets on your child’s classrooms door for the Erwin’s Cider Mill Outing.  Please sign your name letting us know that you are planning to attend, if you and your child WILL NOT attend, please write NO on the line.

Here are the details:

Erwin’s Apple Orchard School Outing Details

Novi Woods will be visiting Erwin’s on Friday, October 6, 2017 from 9-11 am.

The cost will be $10 per child and $10 per adult attending.  This will include: hayride, 1 donut , cider, child size pumpkin, and ¼ peck of apples per person.

Payment form will be CASH ONLY and must be turned in by October 2nd!

Hayride will start promptly at 9 am, and Erwin’s will not wait for late arrivers.

There will be NO transportation provided for children or parents.  One parent MUST attend with their child and can return to school for lunch at 11:30 am.  We cannot arrange for your child to ride with another person from the school.

Please let your child’s teacher know if you WILL NOT be able to attend, and we will provide those children with childcare at the school.

Here is the schedule for your child’s weekly classes/activities!

Monday: Dance class 12-12:30

Tuesday: Yoga 12-12:30 & Spanish 12:30-12:50 (Pine) 12:50-1:10 (Cedar) 1:10-1:30 (Maple)

Wednesday: Japanese 10-10:30(Pine) 10:30-11 (Cedar) 11-11:30 (Maple) (Every other Wednesday)

Thursday: Gymnastics 12-12:30

Friday: Gymnastics 12-12:30

As always, please call or email with any questions or comments.  Have a great weekend!