Summer Camp Week #2

Hi Parents,

Week 2 is underway and we are having fun with Outer Space.  Tomorrow we have a guest coming at 10:00 am with a program called “Our Universe Rocks”.  Please arrive before 10am tomorrow so that your child can see the show.  All children will get to participate!

Remember we are closed 7/4, 7/5 & 7/6.  Students who attend 7/2 & 7/3 will have tuition pro-rated.  The statements will be emailed out on Friday.

Please sign in and out each day.  This is extremely important in case of emergencies and also for our record keeping.  Bring your child’s water bottle home each day.  They can not be left overnight at school.

Playground shoes should be closed-toed. Athletic shoes are best with our wood chips.

Mosquito Joe’s will be out to spray around the perimeter of the school this coming Saturday to prevent mosquitoes around the school.  We never spray during the week.  The spray schedule is posted in the entrance way of the school.

Bike day is Friday.  Preschool and older can bring their bike/scooter from home with a helmet.  Label everything!

Attached is the activity calendars for the rest of summer as well as the Hot Lunch menu for July.

July Summer Camp Schedule

August Summer Camp Schedule

July Hot Lunch Menu

Check out the Pine Room working hard last week!

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