Summer Camp News 7/20/18

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Hello Parents!  It’s mid-summer and that means it’s time for a lot of friendly reminders!!

  • Bring bathing suits, towels, & water shoes each day and especially Wednesdays (our scheduled water day– it’s easier to bring them already wearing swim clothes this day).  Children must have all supplies to participate.
  • TODDLER CLASS:  We need all students to have water day supplies in order for this class to participate. Please bring:  Swimsuit, towel and water shoes (not flip flops)
  • Remember to bring bikes/scooters & helmets each Friday for bike day.
  • Sunscreens/bug sprays can no longer be brought in an aerosol can.  Please replace your sunscreen with a non-aerosol or cream-based sunscreen/bug spray.

Labeling items is very important.  You must include first and last names.  This includes water bottles, lunchboxes and anything else.  If your child brings a lunch that needs to be kept cool, you must include an ice pack.  If we see a lunch that has not been properly stored (example:  there is a yogurt in the lunchbox with no ice pack), we cannot serve it and your child will receive a hot lunch and your account billed for $3.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Changes to your schedule require a 2-week notice.  We have been receiving a lot of last minute changes and students who arrive to school that are not scheduled.  This makes it very difficult for us to rearrange teachers so we can stay in ratio.  Your entire Summer Schedule (what you indicated on your online enrollment) is in your Parent Portal.  Log in and click on Calendar. A green line indicates what you initially signed up for.  Schedules will now need to be changed in writing, no exceptions.  Please see Schedule Change to do it online or pick up a form near the sign in sheets and give it to the office.  Your account will be charged if we do not receive the proper notice.

Please pick up your child promptly at their scheduled dismissal time and if your child stays all day, please arrive by 6:00pm.  Construction and other delays are a part of Michigan summers unfortunately so please give yourself extra time.  If you are know you will arrive after 6:00pm, please call immediately.  Regular late pickups can result in dismissal from our program.

Next week we have a magic show at 10:00am on Tuesday!  All children are included in this program.

We are closed August 27-September 1 for Teacher Preparation.  The school year begins September 4.  Please visit if you haven’t registered for the school year.