Weekly Newsletter 9/21/18

Greetings Families,

Each weekly newsletter will have an overview of the work that is taking place in the toddler and preschool classrooms.

This was another busy week as the children learned about the life cycle of the frog, parts of the frog as well as discovering what is living and non-living in our world. The children are also studying the continents utilizing the classroom globes to understand land forms, islands and lakes. In practical life the practices were with spooning, polishing objecs and sweeping. The children were also able to cut bread.

The pictures below show some of the preschool children working with Montessori materials during their work time. One of the photographs depicts two children working on a rug with the pink tower. What is the Pink Tower and why is it pink? The Pink Tower was designed by Maria Montessori herself. The 10 solid cubes vary in size from 1 cubic centimeter to 1 cubic decimeter. These are a pale pink wood. The purpose of the Pink Tower is: coordination of movement, perfection of hand movements, preparation for understanding cubed roots in later math.

Reminder: New families please plan on attending the Parent Orientation on Thusday, September 27, 2018 from 6:00-7:00 pm. It is mandatory for one parent to attend. Returning families are welcome to attend as well. Please no children, we are unable to offer child care for this meeting.

Also remember to be careful in the parking lot.  Please go slow and watch for children popping out behind or between cars.  Back out of spaces carefully.  Safety is our first priority and please take caution with all of our little ones.

Happy fall! the Autumnal Equinox begins on Saturday, September 22, 2018. Please check your child’s extra clothes to make sure they are weather appropriate as the season changes.

With the changes in the seasons comes colds and flu. Please refer to the Parent Handbook, section 20. Health, Illness and &Medical care under Illness at School and Exclusion from the program for our guidelines when a child is ill. If your child exhibits any of the symptoms listed please keep them home until they are symptom and fever free (without a fever reducer).

Please mark your calendar for our annual trip to Erwin’s Orchards & Cider Mill on Friday, October 19th. More information will follow as the date gets closer.

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