School News 9/28/18

Greetings Families!

We had a successful Parent Orientation  with many of our new families on Thursday, September 27. Here are some of the items that were reviewed last night:

Please read the Parent Handbook ( it is on line) and use it as a reference for any questions you may have during the school year. All of our policies and procedures are explained. Please stop in at the office if your question or concern is not resolved with the information in the handbook. We are happy to assist you in any way we can.

  • We briefly talked about our program philosophy which is also in the handbook. Our goal is to support children to develop a love of learning and become life long learners. We meet each child at their level, following their lead. We do not push them ahead of what they are ready for nor do we hold them back. If you have specific questions regarding your child’s academics please contact your child’s lead teacher(s).
  • For children to receive the full benefit of the Montessori curriculum it is important that they are here by 8:30. Please make sure to pick up your child at their designated pick up time; otherwise it may cause us to be out of compliance with our adult-child ratios.
  • Food policy- please know that the teachers encourage children to eat their lunch/snack. We cannot force or punish them for not eating everything that is packed for them. Also, we cannot keep them at the table until they eat everything (this is a licensing policy). They will be given reminders to finish eating and once lunch or snack is over, any remaining food will be sent home.
  • Please remember that it is a center policy that uniforms are worn Monday-Thursday. A light blue top and a dark blue pant or skirt (or jumper) can be worn.
  • If you have not signed up for Remind, please do so to receive school closing information. We close if  Novi and Walled Lake Schools are closed due to the weather. A notice will also be emailed and on the news.
  • Please read and follow the illness and health policies in the handbook. Children that have a contagious disease must be kept home until they are fever and symptom free for 24 hours. Children may not received a fever reducer and then brought to school. Please notify the office so that we can post the information to inform families.
  • We want to offer opportunities for families to be involved in our program. Please contact the classroom teachers for opportunities to prepare materials for the classroom at home, help with minor repairs or other items and/or read to the classroom. Amanda is also forming a Parenting Group for parents to learn more abut parenting, child development, discipline at home, and many other topics. Please send us an email with your interests.
  • Tuition is due on the first of each month, and considered late on the 5th of each month. A $35.00 late fee will be applied for all late payments received.
  • The Remind text system: Text the number 81010 and type @nwm2018 as the message.


We will be putting out Scholastic book orders at the front. We now have our class code which is RJH3C. Please use this code online to place any further orders. The books will be delivered to your home. The teachers receive points towards free books and other items.

This week during our Montessori work time the preschool classrooms have were introduced to parts of a flag, parts of a frog and the continents. Food prep for snack is a favorite, the children enjoy various snacks in each classroom. To learn about your child’s work, we suggest using the school’s terminology: ask them what work they did, what did they do in Practical Life or in Sensorial. In all three of the preschool classrooms the children were introduced to and engaged with monomial, binomial and trinomial cubes. These Montessori sensorial materials visually introduce the concept of cubes of binomials and trinomials, while providing a fun challenge.

Dates to put on your calendar for October:

  • October 1- tuition is due
  • October 2- story time with Ms. Emily the librarian from the Novi Library
  • October 5- late fee applied for late tuition payments
  • October 8- the infant, toddler and Pine room children will have their pictures taken in the am (children do NOT need to wear their uniform)
  • October 9 – the Cedar and Pine room children will have their pictures taken in the am (children do NOT need to wear their uniform)
  •  October 19- Family event at Erwins Orchard-details to follow
  • October 31 – Halloween party in the am-details to follow

Have a great weekend!