School News 10/8-12/18

Greetings Families!

It has been another busy week for the children in the preschool classrooms as they continue their study of North America. The toddlers have been busy moving, singing, reading stories, and enjoying the outdoors!

In the Cedar Room during large group the children explored a map of North and South America and talked about Columbus Day. The children then completed a Columbus Day activity. In Practical Life the children worked on the zipper frame to continue to master zipping and enhance their fine motor skills. The Sensorial Presentation was the Color Box 3, Triangle. During the Geography Presentation the children learned about direction, hemiphere and continent. During the Science Presentaton the children learned about parts of the apple and the life cycle of a pumpkin. The Grace and Courtesy lesson focused on greeting friends and good manners. The cultural studies focused on the Christoper Columbus story.

Please note that the center is a nut free environment, please do not send any snacks with any type of nut so that we keep all of our children safe. Please make sure to check your child’s folder each day. Please send a jacket or sweater as we continue to go outside as the weather changes and  wewant the children to be comfortable while playing on the playground.

In the Maple Room this week during large group the children learned about Christopher Columbus. The math presentation focused on the hanging bead bars 1-10. The Geography presentation focused on the layers of the earth (crust, core and mantel). The children also enjoyed listening to Halloween audio books. The Practical Life presentation focused on stringing beads and snapping on the dressing frames. During the Sensorial presentations the primary and secondary colors were introduced. The layers of the earth were introduced during the Geography presentation and the Science presentation focused on parts of a tree. For the Grace and Courtesy lesson the children listened to the book “I’m sorry” followed by a discussion about respecting others and care of the classroom materials.  Please have your child bring a show and tell item that is related to the theme. Please use the Maple Room door when picking up your children from the playground.

Please note that small group presentations are given regularly in the classroom.

In the Pine Room the children continued their study on mapping and directions and the hemisphere. The children engaged with the three part cards of the continents. Practical life presentations focused on putting on and zipping our coats. New work was put on the shelves geared towards Halloween. During the Sensorial presention small group presentations on red rods and rough and smooth continued. The Geography presentation discussion continued about North America and the state where we live and also the USA. We also talked about Christopher Columbus and the three ships, the children made the ships in the art area. The Science presentation was a continuation of our study on apples, frogs and parts of a tree. The story “What is mapping” was read during the Grace and Courtesy lesson. In math the children are working on introductions tray, and the bank game ( quantity and numbers). The older children continue their work on addition, work books and reading.

In the toddler classroom this week the children enjoyed large body movement to music, enjoyed listening to “Brown bear, brown bear” ( a book on colors) and enjoyed singing “down by the station”. The children practiced cutting bananas in Practical Life, during the Sensorial presentation the children were introduced to color tablets. This weeks theme was pumpkins, the children created paper plate pumpkins during art. The children observed a pumpkin being cut in half and then were able to scoop out the pulp and the seeds of the pumpkin. The visit to the Apple Orchard is this Friday, October 19th, parents may take their children to particpate or bring them to school. The infant and toddler classrooms are open in the morning.


The visit to Erwin’s Apple Orchard is this coming Friday, October 19th. We are asking families to meet staff at the orchard between 9 and 9:30. The hayride leaves promptly at 10:00. Each child/adult will receive 1/4 bag of apples, a small pumpkin, a glass of cider and a donut. The charge is $8.75 per person. You will receive a charge for this event through Sandbox. We look forward to seeing you there!

Our Halloween Party is Friday, October 31, 2018 from 9:30-11:00 pm. The children will engage in Halloween activities, prepare a snack, etc. Between 10:00 and 10:30 the children will trick or treat at the fire department followed by trick or treating in our parking lot. We are accepting donations of treats from families. If you are able to make a donation, please place it in the kitchen. Thank you in advance!

Enjoy these photos from the toddler classroom!

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