Newsletter for the week of 10/15

Hello Families!

The weather is turning cooler so that means warm jackets, hats and gloves for the children so that they may participate comfortably in outdoor play every day!  The office has received several questions regarding the children going outside when the temperature is below 50 degrees. Here is the State of Michigan’s licensing rules regarding children and outdoor play: A center operating with children in attendance for 3 or more continuous hours per day shall provide daily outdoor play, unless prevented by inclement weather or other weather conditions that could result in the children becoming overheated or excessively chilled. Cold weather does not make children ill. Studies have indicated that children who are taken outdoors, even during cold weather for short periods of time, have fewer incidences of respiratory illnesses. Infectious disease organisms are less concentrated in outdoor air than indoor air… Being outdoors in the fresh air helps children stay healthy. The following is taken into account when making our decision about outdoor play: the temperature outdoors including wind chill factors and the heat index, severe weather conditions (lightning, heavy rain or snow, etc).    PLEASE MAKE SURE TO LABEL YOUR CHILD’S CLOTHING, MANY ITES LOOK ALIKE ESPECIALLY BOOTS, SNOWPANTS, HATS AND GLOVES:)

The center Halloween Party is Wednesday, October 31 in the morning. If you would like to donate a treat for the trick or treat portion of the party please put your donation in the kitchen or give to the classroom teachers.

In the Toddler Room the theme this week was the harvest season. The children enjoyed big body movement outdoors, running, walking, jumping and sliding on the slides. They also enjoyed gathering up leaves and throwing them up in the air! They enjoyed listening to the books, “On the Farm”, “Over in theOcean” and “My Busy Bus”. The children learned to juice oranges in Practical Life and engaged with the Red Rods as a Sensorial Presentation. The children created collage traffice lights with red, green and yellow bits of construction paper and also painted pine cones. The children also explored different types of fruits and vegetables: pears and apples, oranges, pomegranate and bananas. They also explored carrots, pumpkins and potatoes. A REMINDER-Please label all of your children’s belongings so that we return them to the correct owner 🙂

In the Cedar Room the children were introduced to land forms, flags of North American countries (Candada, and the United States and Mexico),  a strait and an isthmus, gulf and peninsula. The Science Presentations involved researching animals. The Grace and Courtesy presentation was about classroom manners. The Sensorial Presentation was the exploration of the sound cylinders.

In the Pine Room the children explored the life cycle of an apple, continued their study of mapping and directions, learned songs about pumpkins as well as the life cycle of the pumpkin. The Practical Life presentations reinforced the classroom rules and using manners, showing how to get and put away their work properly, small posting activity. The Sensorial Presentation involved extensions with the red rods and the knobless cylinders, making a maze with the red rods and a review of geometric solids. The Geography Presentations were on maps of North America-the children matched with a control map. Teachers read information to the children on North America and assisted the children with learning directions: north, south, east and west. The Science Presentation revolved around the three parts of the life cycle of a pumpkin and parts of a tree. The Grace and Courtesy presentation was a continuation of the discussion on how to ask for help and saying thank you, some of the children are helping others when help in needed. The Kindergarten children continue to work in their journals, the 45 layout in math, static addition, single and four digit and the bank game. The children enjoyed hearing the stories, ” I am a Apple, I am a Leaf” and “All about Manners”.  Parents please be mindful that the cooler weather calls for warmer clothing, we go outside twice a day every day. If you would like to donate a treat for the Halloween Party on 10/31, please put it in the kitchen or give it to one of the classroom teachers. There will be a sign up sheet posted outside the classroom door one day next week for parents to volunteer to help with the Halloween Party. Have a safe weekend! Pine Room Staff.

This week the Maple Room enjoyd hearing Halloween related stories, a story about Johnny Appleseed; the children sang the 5 Little Pumpkins song and Scare crow, scare crow. A small group presentation introduced an addition strip board to the older children. The Practical Life presentation was a continuation of zipping practice and flower arrangement. The Geography Presentation reintroduced direction and the children listened to a book on North American culture. The Science Presentations explored the parts of an appleand the Grace and Courtesy Presentation related to sharing and caring for a friend.  We are reinforcing the classroom rules, please talk with your child about what they are and that it is important for the children to follow all of the rules. The children enjoyed the apple orchard visit today. The the children are getting into a successful working routine and are showing interest in learning!

Enjoy the slideshow of children working this week!

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