School News 10/26-11/2

Hello Families!

The Halloween Party was a huge sucess! Thank you to everyone that donated treats for the Halloween trick or treat walk. The children enjoyed joining in Halloween games and completing Halloween crafts in the classroom.

Enjoy these pictures of the toddlers and the Pine room participating in Halloween fun!

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This week in the Pine Room in addition to the Halloween activities (pumpkin carving in four different shapes, reading “Pete the Cat Halloween”, sang Itsy Bisty Spider and Five Little Pumpkins, the children also listened to Halloween songs) this week the children and teachers talked about all of the North American animals, the children were introduced to the South American map. The Practical Life presentations introduced pumpkin pounding with golf tees, learning how to lace a spider web and continuing to practice putting on and zipping up coats. The Sensorial Presentations included presenting the Rectangular box and the small Hexagonal box. The children are still exploring all the things they can do with the red rods, pink tower, brown stairs and knobless cylinders. The older children were writing facts on South America and animals. The Science Presentations were a continuation of the life cycle of a pumpkin. During the Grace & Courtesy Presentations the children practice good hygiene, practicing how to use a tissue and wiping their noses then washing hands after.

The Halloween party was fun with so many wonderful costumes! The children did some crafts along with making ghost suckers. The children decorated and ate cookies. Sorry if your child’s feet were stained black! We did a footprint project that was sent home, we hope that you liked them! The younger children are continuing to work on the beginning sounds and numeral recognition along with the hanging beads 1-10. Please send silverware for your child’s lunch, and please make sure they have extra clothing here at school just in case of a toileting accidents or they get their clothes wet.

Have a great weekend! Pine Room Staff

In the Toddler Classroom the children practiced jumping on the tape line (balance) and stepping on bubble wrap on the floor (fun!). The children enjoyed hearing stories about water animals and a touch and feel farm. During the Practical Life presentation the children spread cream cheese on crackers. The Sensorial presentation featured textiles and fabrics. The art activities were related to the Halloween theme, the children made Halloween bats, a spooky pumpkin collage and painted mini pumpkins. The children participated in tasting pomegranate – See the pictures below! Please label all of your child’s winter clothing, assessories, sippy cups and food containers. Thank You!

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In the Cedar Room this week the children enjoyed the Halloween party and trick or treating. They participated in a spider web game, a spider ring toss game, decorating cookies, making a pumpkin with a cinnamon stick and a ghost! The children were introduced to the large hexagon box during the Sensorial Presentation and South America, specifically Brazil this week during the Geography Presentation. During the month of November the Grace & Courtesy Presentation will focus on how to give thanks every day for the people and things around us.  Please check your child’s folder each week and bring a change of clothing in their backpack. We will celebrate Diwali next week, we invite parents to share cultural information with the children, please contact the Cedar Room teachers to arrange a time to visit. Also, if you have any books to share related to South America, that would be great. Please remember to label all of your child’s belongings.

In the Maple Room the children enjoyed listening to the “Lonely Scarecrow” book. The teen board was reintroduced so the children understood the correct way to use the material and the children engaged with geometric solids for their Sensorial Presentation. For Practical Life the children practiced stringing, tonging and the teachers presented twisiting. The map of the USA was presented during the Geography presentation and during the Grace & Courtesy presentation the teachers emphasized how to treat friends. The older children were introduced to the bank game.  For Halloween the children enjoyed decorating and eating a sugar cookie for snack. They children made cinnamon pumpkins and ghosts. We also played a few games and read “Horrible Harry and the Green Slime”, “The Teacher from the Black Lagoon” and ” Dinosaur Bones”.  Please help your child pick out theme related show and tell which is every Friday. Please make sure that there is silverware for your child in their lunch box. Please let them hang up their jackets by themselves before they enter the classroom. Have a nice weekend!