School News for the week of 12/3/18

Hello Families!

A new session of Tumble Tot Gymnastics is starting.  This program is on Thursdays at 12:30 and is an extra fee, payable to Tumble Tot.  Click on the Registration Form for more information.

A parenting group is forming on Wednesday nights from 7-8:30 pm, starting January 16.  At the meetings we’ll discuss a parenting book and strategies for raising healthy, happy children.  This group is open to the public, so consider asking a friend to come.  Register HERE.

Winter Festival Recital

This week the children were practicing their songs and dances for the Winter Festival recital! They are very exuberant singers, we in the office have enjoyed listening to them practice!

The recital is Thursday, December 20 from 6:00-7:00 pm. Please have your child at the Novi Civic Center no later than 5:45. There will be signs and staff directing you to the room where the children will wait until it is their turn to perform. The toddlers will perform first, toddler parents are welcome to join their child(ren) on stage and then take them to their seats after their performance. The preschool children will return to the same room for pick up as drop off. You are welcome to return to the performance room for cookies with your child and teachers! We have the venue until 7:00 pm and must leave promptly at 7:00 pm.

This week in the Pine Room there was a discussion about Dinosaurs, volcanoes and land forms. In the Practical Life area the children were exploring  new puzzles, putting them together without the control board. They were also working with different types of water activities. In the Sensorial area the children continued to explore all of the extensions with the different materials. We also continued to work on our sound groups for our language activity while the older children also continued to work on their workbooks, journals and writing sentences. During our Science Presentation the children were introduced to vertebrates and invertebrates, working with three part cards on vertebrate and invertebrates. During the Geography & Cultural Studies Presentation the children were introduced to land forms (lake and island), what is the difference between them and also being able to pour water to make the difference. The children continued to work with the red and blue rods 1-10 with the older children working on carry over addition. The teachers introduced fractions, whole, half, one third and one fourth. A few reminders: Our Winter Festival Recital is Thursday, December 20th. Please have the girls wear a holiday festive dress and the boys wear a green or red shirt with black pants.

In the Cedar Room this week we read books about volcano’s including the types and the parts. We discussed the parts of a snowman and also types of dinosaurs! In Geography we discussed how holidays around the world are celebrated, we read about Hanukkah. To prepare for the Winter Festival recital we began to practice our songs. The children enjoyed making Christmas crafts. A lesson on the three parts of land forms was presented to the children as well as the metal inset. The children are enjoying learning every day! A few reminders: Please make sure that you child has gloves or mittens to wear outside every day. The school recital is Thursday, December 20. If you have any questions regarding what your child needs to wear for the recital, please contact the Cedar classroom teachers! Have a great weekend! Ms. Akosh.

The theme of the week in the Toddler Classroom was outdoor and indoor sights and sounds. The children were busy this week moving blocks from one area to another and making a train that everyone rode! The children enjoyed the “Touch and Feel-Winter” book. In Practical Life the children practiced simple flower arranging. The Sensorial Presentation was the texture box with grains, beans and shells. The children created mini bird feeders using cardboard tubes, flour and strawberry jam. They really enjoyed watching the birds eat the seeds that are hanging on the fence. The children also enjoyed learning the names of different insects and sea animals. A few reminders: Please send in your child’s winter clothing, we do go outside and we want them to be warm.

In the Maple Room this week the children studied Dinosaurs including the Stegosaurus and the T Rex. We read a dinosaur book by Adam Karlson and an article on digging up the fast ( fossils). The volcano was presented and we discussed the terms magma, pathways, lave rock and layers. We continued our discussion on holidays including Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. The children also learned facts about reptiles, amphibians and mammals. We represented the Montessori materials presented so far. Everyday we have been practicing our songs for the recital. Kindly make sure that your child has their  outfit for this special event (red dress for girls, boys red shirt and black pants and black shoes for both boys and girls if possible). for this special event. The addition strip board and the multiplication board was introduced to the older children. Thank you!