School News 12/10-14/18

Greetings Families!

Thank you to everyone that was able to donate a pair of pajamas to the Scholastic Classroom  Pajama Drive! For each pair donated Scholastic will donate a book to a deserving child!

Please note that Tumble Tots will send out a new flyer on January 2, 2019 for the new session  beginning Thursday, January 10, 2019. If you turned in a payment for this past week and would like to have it returned to you, please notify the office and we will provide it or we can hold it and give it to Mr. Robbie in January.

The children have been practicing  for the recital this coming Thursday! Please note that the Center will close at 3:00 pm so families and teachers can prepare for this special event!

Novi Woods Montessori will be closed on Monday, December 24 and re-open on Tuesday, January 2, 2019. 

In the Toddler Classroom this weeks theme was Winter! The children enjoyed the books, “The Penguin Who Wanted to Fly” and “Over in the Farm”. The Practical Life Presentation involved the children learning how to use the mortar and pestle to pound and grind cereals,  pretzels and crackers for the birds. The children enjoyed decorating a Gingerbread Man with glitter, googly eyes and glue! The children also engaged in a lesson of sorting mittens and socks into pairs of the same color. PLEASE don’t forget to send in your child’s winter snowpants, boots, gloves and a winter jacket. We do outside everyday weather permitting. Thank You!

In the Pine Room the children and teachers discussed the layers of the earth, continued their study of dinosaurs and invertebrae and vertebrates. The children received a presentation on volcanoes. The ground rules were reinforced as well. The children continue to work on writing sentences and sounds including blends. We also continued our study of dinosaurs and fossils. Volcanoes were introduced and we watched a short clip on volcanoes. Some of the older children were introduced to multiplication. We have been practicing our dance for the winter festival, the children are doing great in the classroom. Please don’t get discouraged if your child does not perform on stage, it takes alot for our young ones to get up in front of a crowd. If your child has a Santa hat, please let them wear it the day of the festival. Ms. Dee has 12 hats, not enough for all of the children. If you have any questions please contact the morning teaching staff. Have a safe and great weekend! The Pine Room Staff

In the Maple Room the children continued working on types of dinosaurs, fossils, vertebrate and invertebrate. Layers of the earth were presented (normanclature card). We also discussed holidays around the world, the history of Christmas was discussed. The children were taught how to cough and sneeze as part of a Grace and Courtesy lesson in practical life. We are all busy practicing for the recital on the 20th. The older children are working on static addition and in language we are working with blends, (fl,pl, fr, tr, and cl). The class is running smoothly and the children have adjusted well to the Montessori environment. Parents- if you have any questions regarding the recital, kindly contact the morning teaching staff.

In the Cedar Room Ms. Alya has been out of the classroom and will catch up with her information next week.

On Monday the children particpated in a Winter Solstice lesson with a group called Wild Child! They made luminaries and bird feeders. They also has cider! Enjoy these pictures of this fun event!