School News February 1, 2019

Hello Families,

We hope everyone was able to stay inside and stay warm these past two days! It seemed that the children and teachers were ready to come back to school today!

We have updated our events form on the bulletin board at the front counter. It’s hard to believe that Valentine’s Day is only two weeks away! I wanted to share with you some general information about the celebration that the classrooms will have in the morning. Prior to Thursday, the children will decorate bags for the Valentine’s cards that will be delivered by the children. Please have your child sign the card but leave the envelope blank, this will help the delivery go smoothly.  Please check with the classroom teachers on the number of cards needed for the classroom.  Please have the cards ready to go with your child’s signature and put into the envelopes. If there is a treat attached please make sure that it is also ready to go. The teachers are not able to assemble any cards, treats in the morning.

The daily routine will still be in place with a few special activities and treats from 10:00-11:00 am. If  you are interested in making a  treat donation (preferrable non sweet treats and peanut free!)  please talk with the classroom teachers about quantity.

We will resume with the classroom information next week

Have a great weekend!