School News 2/4-8/19

Greetings Families,

We have updated our events form on the bulletin board at the front counter. It’s hard to believe that Valentine’s Day is next Thursday! I wanted to share some general information with you about the celebration that the classrooms with have in the morning. Prior to Thursday, the children will decorate bags in the classroom that will be used to hold Valentine’s Day cards. Please have your child sign the card but leave the envelope blank (if it comes with a envelope). Some cards do come with lollipops or other candy, you can include this with your child’s card. Please have the cards ready before coming to school. Please check with the classroom teachers about how many cards are needed. If you are interested in donating a treat for the Valentine’s bags please no peanut products, non-sweet treats are preferred. The daily routine will still be in place with a few special activities from 10:00-11:00 am.  Ms Amanda will be telling the Valentine’s story to the children, the children will also decorate a cookie to enjoy and participate in a Valentine activity. If you would like to send in a Valentine card with a special message to your child, the teachers will read it to the group.

Here is what happened in the toddler classroom this week: The theme of the week was Feelings and Emotions. The children enjoyed listening to the books, ” We Go on a Bear Hunt” and “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”. The Practical Life presentation focused on table manners- washing hands before eating, staying at the table until finished, not talking with food in our mouths. The Sensorial Presentation was to touch and feel heart shapes. The art activity involved emotions and facial expressions. Another lesson presented focused on good manners. Reminder: PLEASE send in boots for your child.

In the Pine Room this week the children began to learn about Europe, we discussed European animals and the British flag.The children are push pinning the continent Europe as well as coloring it and also coloring the British flag. The children have been able to see artifacts like a replica of Big Ben, soldiers and a European taxi.

The children have enjoyed working on a valentine project and craft. The Practical Life presentation involved working on twisting and lacing and reviewing our ground rules. The younger children are progressing so well working with sounds. The children enjoyed participating in planting bulbs and are very excited to watch what is happening, so far we have had 5 sprouts growing from 1 inch to 11 inches.  The older children are progressing well with their work on carry over and multiplication.

Parents, please send in all of the appropriate clothing to go outside, the children are very excited to have a chance to run and play outside. For Valentine’s Day please, if you are sending Valentine cards to share only have your child’s name on them and if you want to send in something to share with the children please bring enough for 25 children. Parents, if you would like to send in a Valentine’s card to your child telling them how special they are, send them in by Tuesday, February 12, they can be a card you made, it doesn’t have to be store bought. We will read the message to your child at group time. Have a great weekend!-The Pine Room Staff

In the Maple Room the class discussed Groundhog Day and the children watched  a video on the groundhog seeing his shadow. Our unit study in Europe. Ms. Linda who lived in Norway discussed the food, culture, habits, dressing and lifestyle of the Norway people. She also showed the children artifacts from Norway. Thank you to  Queena’s mom for talking about the Chinese New Year. Some of the children continue to work in their workbooks and continuing with their Montessori work. Parents are welcome to bring  26 Valentine’s cards to share with the class and any treats are welcome. Please bring a Valentine card made out to your child from you telling us what is special about your child. We will read each card to the whole group.

In the Cedar Room we talked about Europe and the countries that make up the continent.  The children were shown a map of Europe.

The children were presented the Binomial Cube. The children were presented carrying and making complex numbers for kindergartners. The kindergartners were presented static addition using GBM for kindergartners.

The children are welcome to bring in signed cards to give to classmates, families may send in a treat to share. Please plan on 26 children. If you would also like to send in a Valentine card to your child with a special message, we will read it at group time.