School News for the week of 2/11/19

Hello Families!

Thank you for your treat donations for the classrooms! The children enjoyed frosting a cookie for snack and passing out Valentine’s cards.  Ms Amanda visited each classroom and shared the story of St. Valentine.

On Tuesday, February 19th, the children will participate in a worm presentation by a local group called “Wild Child”. The presentation begins at 10:00 am.

This week in the Cedar Room the children continued to learn about the European countries and discussed the geography of the continents. The children were shown the British flag and engaged in push pinning and coloring of the European countries. At large group there was a conversation regarding the importance of Black History month and  influential people such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks,  and Jackie Robinson.

This week the children were engaged in Valentine’s projects and enjoyed hearing the story of St. Valentine from Ms Amanda.

The Sensorial Presentation to the children was the trinominal cubes. The Practical Life presentation focused on spooning and tweezing. The older children were working on static addition and caring over numbers.

Please make sure to label your child’s water bottle, lunch box/bag.

In the Pine Room this week the children continued their study of the European countries as well as wild animals. The children also enjoyed working on Valentine projects and hearing a Valentine story. They also enjoyed hearing the story of St . Valentine from Ms. Amanda. The class had a nice Valentine celebration, the children distributed their valentine cards, decorated cookie, enjoying them for snack. The class is also discussing Presidents’ Day. The Practical Life presentation focused on pouring and hand transfer, the Sensorial presentation focused on sound cylinders and the triangular box.

We want to thank everyone for all the treats! We hope that you had an enjoyable Valentine’s Day, have a great weekend! The Pine Room staff.

In the Toddler Classroom the theme of the week was Valentine’s -the celebration of love and affection. The children enjoyed hearing the story, ” The Love from My Heart”. The Practical Life presentation focused on the children putting on their gloves. The Sensorial presentation focused on hot and cold, using water bottles filled with warm and cold water for the children to experience the difference in temperature. The children made a hand print on a red heart made from construction paper.

On Monday in the Maple Room we welcomed back Ms. Girija! This week the children continued their studies of the European countries, they also enjoyed preparing for Valentine’s day. On Valentine’s day the children enjoyed frosting and eating a cookie and giving out their Valentine’s cards to each other. The children were very excited to take home their treat bags! Thank you parents for sending in treats for the children. Ms. Amanda came in to tell the story of St Valentine, which the children enjoyed hearing.

In the Infant Room the theme for the week was feelings and emotions. We enjoyed our books abut emotions and activities about identifying emotions from pictures and from making expressive, emotional faces. Our Practical Life presentation focused on crushing paper. During meal and snack time we continued to learn table manners: staying at the table until everyone is finished and taking time to taste and enjoy our food. Our Sensorial Presentation was to pour and mound oatmeal a we enjoyed the texture and experience of working in a large container of dry oatmeal Our art activity involved the emotion of love. We discussed love in our families and created a special Valentine gift for our parents.

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