School News for the week of 2/18/19

Hello Families!

This week we had an in-house presentation on the Earthworm. The presenter talked about the Earthworm and it’s habitat. The best part (for most of the children) was the opportunity to hold an Earthworm!

We have noticed cupcakes being served as a birthday dessert with pizza lunches. Safety is our first priority Please remember that the only acceptable treats are Oreos ( name-brand only), Rice Krispie Treats (not homemade, but packaged, must be named brand) and Chips Ahoy- Chocolate Chip (name-brand only). Because we have children who suffer from food allergies,

Thank you to everyone for returning the library books! Ms. Emily from the Novi Library will be here on Monday the 25th to read to the children. She will also be taking the books back to the library.

Tumble Tots is getting ready for another great session of tumbling, balancing and creative movements being Thursday, February 28th.  TumbleTot Registration

There are many interesting objects in the Montessori work that attract children’s attention and are very tempting to put in a pocket or backpack.  This is common! If you notice small objects coming home with your child or the objects to not look familiar to you, please return them to your child’s teacher or show them the objects and they will be able to identify if they are classroom materials.  Montessori materials are very expensive to replace!

Here is the learning that took place in the Pine Room this week: The class continued their study of the different countries and animals in Europe. The class also discussed the rain forest and the animals found there. The class also talked about President’s Day and Black History. The children were presented a ” refresher” on the use of the  knobbed cylinders, how to take the cylinders out and place them on the mat, how to handle them properly and some options that they are able to do with the cylinders. The children continue to work with on the dressing frames to zip, button and tying laces. The Science Presentation focused on reviewing living and non-living. Our Grace and Courtesy Presentation reviewed hand washing, nose blowing, covering or catching our cough and proper hand washing. In our Geography and Cultural Studies Presentations we presented three part cards of European animals, the children continued working on the large map of Europe and colored the countries. In Math the children are continuing to work on carry over, multiplication, short chain beads and counting (skip counting). The children are also preparing for Curriculum Night. Parents-Please send in winter clothes for going outside. Have a great weekend! The Pine Room Staff.

In the Toddler Classroom the theme of the week a review of the groundhog, hibernation and winter habitats.  The children constructed a groundhog mask which they enjoyed wearing. The children listened to the story, “Good Night Moon” and named the animals in the story. For Food Preparation the children made Groundhog sandwiches using bread, a small amount of maple syrup, bananas, raisins and marshmallows. The Sensorial Presentation involved the Smelling Sensory Bottles, we talked about how they used their noses to discriminate the different smells. The children enjoyed this activity! We also talked about night and day- by the time that children are in school they are aware of the sun and the moon and have become accustomed to having a daily schedule based on day and night activities.

Hello Parents! This week in the Maple Room the teachers and children continued to discuss Europe, in particular Italy and Germany. The flag of Great Britain was completed in class. We studied the rain forest and wild animals  and viewed a video on the rain forest. In the art area the children created a rain forest snake We also read “From Alligator to Zebra” focusing on wild animals.  We also read “The Watermelon Seed” and “Winter is Here”. We celebrated President’s Day on the 18th. For Science we had an in-house field trip on the Earthworm. It was a hands on experience for the children and they really enjoyed it. We are reading everyday with children who are four and up and they are progressing well. In Math the subtraction board and the division board were introduced. In Language the older children are working on sentence formation with the rest of the classroom progressing as well. Parents-please remember to send a spoon/fork for your child to use with their lunch. Also,  please send the necessary outerwear so they can enjoy going outside.

In the Cedar Room we discussed President’s Day, the names of the Presidents and the White House. The children made a booklet of Abraham Lincoln. We also discussed the rain forest including the Amazon rain forest and the layers of a rain forest and the animals that live in each layer. The Practical Life Presentation  focused on sorting and matching objects and sponge squeezing. This is a new activity for our younger children and a review for our older children.  The Language Presentation focused on a grammar lesson on the verb with the verb symbol being introduced to the older children. The children learning how to find a verb in a sentence through activities with the teachers. In Math individual lessons were given on dynamic addition.

Please mark your calendar for Curriculum Night on Thursday, March 21 from 6:00-7:00pm. This event is for parents to explore what the Montessori classroom has to offer an older student (4-6 years) and for our students four years and older, who will be presenting our Montessori work!

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