School News 3/8/2019

Hello Families!

Please remember that the center is “NUT FREE” that includes anything with peanut butter: crackers, granola bars, sandwiches….. Please do not send any item with peanut butter as an ingredient, we will NOT be able to serve it to your child.

Don’t forget to set your clocks ahead one hour this Saturday evening as we “spring forward” and gain an hour of day light in the evening!

REMINDER: It is very important that you sign your child in and out each day. We need to have accurate counts of the number of children in the building for safety and security reasons.

We would also like to extend a friendly reminder about our 2% tuition discount for families that enroll for the 2019-20 school year before 4/1/19! See the link below for that special offer. Thank you to those families that have re-enrolled for the fall, we are happy to have you continue as part of our school family.

In the Pine Room this week the children were presented a lesson on the red knobless cylinders and the large hexagonal box. We read, “One fish, two fish and “Green Eggs and Ham” by Dr. Suess. The children also enjoyed listening to “I am Amelia Earhart”, “How Do You Do?” and “Biscuit Visits the Big City”. We are continuing our work with water activities and the children are enjoying working in the art area. The children are also continuing their work with extensions with some of the children learning the names of the geometric solids. This week the children were introduced to different types of insects and the rainforest. We are also continuing our work with Asia, the children are coloring and collaging Asia. The children are also working on the large map and talking about all of the different countries in Asia, the older children are writing facts about Asia. The Math Presentation this week focused on small group presentations with odd and even numbers. PLEASE send in outdoor clothing for your child, if by chance you have extra gloves, would you consider donating a pair to the classroom? Have a great weekend-The Pine Room Staff

In the Toddler Classroom this week the theme was the Four Leaf Clover. For large group the children enjoyed participating in Tug of War- this helps the children develop core strength and balance. The children enjoyed the book “In the Jungle” and “Over in the Ocean”.

The Practical Life Presentation introduced pouring grains through a funnel-this activity helps the children develop fine motor control, it also helps build concentration, hand and eye coordination and independence. The Sensorial Presentation featured the Red Rods-1-5 rods. This activity allows each child to physically feel that one rod is small and the five rod is big. They come to understand that the 5 rod is bigger than the one rod.  The children enjoyed creating a four leaf clover collage with card stock and construction paper. The children also took bell pepper halves and dipped the in paint to make unique prints. An activity of land, air and water was presented to the children, they discovered that the earth is made of soil, water, with this discussion the children explored the presentation jars filled with soil, water and and empty jar. The children enjoyed blowing in the empty jar to make something intangible (air). This was a fun and hands on geography lesson that helped the children to understand the concept of land, water and air.

PLEASE label all of your child’s belongings with first and last names-lunch box, food containers, water bottle, winter boots and other accessories. Thank You!!

In the Maple Room this week the theme was insects. The children learned facts about insects, please ask them what they remember learning. We read “Bugs” by Christopher Nicholas and the children enjoyed seeing pictures from the encyclopedia.

In the Practical Life area the children learned how to make freshly squeezed orange juice. They enjoyed drinking the juice they had squeezed. In the art area they practiced weaving a rug and also made an insect out of construction paper. In language the children are moving as per their level and the older children are preparing for Curriculum Night (Thursday, March 21st). The children are enjoying the books provided by the library for this month.

Parents-we use small objects to introduce the children to the sounds: A for apple, N for nut. We are in need of objects for the letters w,n,x, y, and z. If you could help us by providing objects related to these letters (for example, a small yo-yo or a small plastic zebra), it would be greatly appreciated.  Thank You!

In the Cedar Classroom this week the children continued to learn about Asia and the countries belonging to Asia. We talked about Sr Lanka, viewed a video and talked about what is famous to that country. The children continue to push pin Asia objects and also being able to color countries belonging to Asia.  The red and blue number rods were presented to the children. For the language presentation individual grammar lessons were given focusing on the “article” as a part of speech. We introduced the digraph “sh”sound. The Math Presentation focused on introducing the multiplication board to the older children. The children enjoyed hearing several books by Dr. Seuss including, ” The Foot Book”, The Eye Book”, The Ear Book” and “Fox in Socks”.

In the Infant Room this week the children continued to learn about the category of farm animals and added the pig to our group of animals. One of our Sensorial experiences this week was the opportunity to hold and examine replicas of the cow, horse, sheep and pig with a goat replica to soon follow. For Language we are reading a book about farm animals, which not only informs us about the animals, but also, has a touch and feel feature (another Sensorial aspect) to highlight a particular characteristic of each animal. We have also added a second book about farm animals to our reading time. The children are singing Old MacDonald Had a Farm as one of our songs, and we are practicing our animal sounds, as well. For Art we are working with various mediums of art at once. We are drawing with a supply of colored pencils, crayons, and washable markers, thereby offering a varied and expressive art experience, as well as painting with paint and a brush. In Practical Life, we continue learning table manners and self-sufficiency while eating, and trying our hands at the skill of transferring with a spoon as well as ripping paper.

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