School News 3/25-29

Hello Families!

It’s hard to believe that next week is April 1st! Please turn in your child’s summer and fall applications! Fall applications received on April 1st will receive the 2% discount off of tuition!

This week in the Toddler Classroom the theme was Bugs & Insects. The children enjoyed listening to the story, “Snappy Bugs” and”Fireflies”. The children made ladbybugs. The Practical Life Presentation involved a mortar & pestle- this is a useful tool for developing a child’s fine motor and gross motor coordination as well as hand strength and preparation for writing. The Sensorial Presentations involved the Spindle Box. This activity encourages the child to associate different numbers to specific quantities by completing the task of introducing the right quantity of the spindles into the correct compartment. After setting the activity correctly and demonstrating how it is done, the children become more independent by completing the task themselves. The children were also introduced to the parts of a flower. The basic parts of a flower was presented in class and children were excited and focused on working on this activity. This activity enhances their vocabulary skills and helps them understand and appreciate the beauty of nature. PLEASE remember to label all of your child’s belongings and also include an ICE PACK in the lunch box. The children continue to enjoy the outdoors, throwing, catching, kicking and rolling soft balls.

In the Maple Classroom the teachers and children revisited the topics covered during the month of March. Our focus was mainly on Asia (Japan, China and India). We talked about cultural values, traditions, and lifestyle. In the same spirit we ended the month by celebrating in our classroom. All of our children of Asian decent came in their respective traditional attire. The children continue to work well at their respective levels. They are getting more and more thorough and confident with their concepts. We are looking forward to spring!

In The Pine Room we talked about reptiles. We continued our study of Asia, the children are working on the large map and coloring the whol map of Asia, we also watched a short video on Asia and the children were able to look at artifacts that we have in our cultural box. We are reinforcing our work on pouring and twisting. The children were introduced to extensions through a Sensorial Presentation so that they can explore and use their imagination, it’s great to see what they come up with. The younger children are working ont their writing. Please practice with your child at home, even if it’s only writing their name. The children viewed a short video on reptiles as well as push pinning, they painted a snake and collaged a turtle. The children put a lima bean in a paper towel and sprayed water on them, we then hung them up in our window. The children will be monitoring them to see how long it takes to sprout. The younger children continue to learn how to put on their coats and are learning right from left so they know which foot their boots/shoes go on. Some of the children were introduced to the ten board, this is to teach quantities and number symbols up to 99. The children are working on skip counting, multiplication and the older children were introduced to division. Our younger children are working hard in our math area which includes numeral recognition. Please remember that Fridays are our show and tell days, children can bring anything geared to our monthly theme. Parents just a reminder to put an ice pack in your child’s lunchbox. Monday, April 1st we will have a pizza lunch to celebrate Zachary’s Birthday. Have a great weekend! The Pine Room Staff.

In the Cedar Room the children continued their study of Asia and talked about Japan. We colored the flag of Japan. The children classified reptiles and amphibians and learned about the life cycle of a frog and made a booklet. They also learned how seeds grow into a plant. The children were given individual language lessons on their level. We grew a bean seed as our spring plant experiment. The children are observing and were able to see the life of the seed. They observed how the root come out of the bean seed. Individual lessons were given to the older children on the multiplication board and static addition. The children were also given the opportunity to use a mortal and pestle.

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