School News 4/22-26/2019

Hello Families!

The month of May will soon be upon us! Please mark your calendar for these important events: The center is closed on Monday, May 27 for Memorial Day, our Spring Concert is on Thursday, May 30 at the Novi Civic Center from 6:00-7:00 pm and Parent Teacher conferences are Friday, May 31st. As with our fall conferences, the center is closed for the day on the 31st.

This week in the Toddler Classroom the theme was Farm Animals. The children listened to the story, “Over in the Farm” and “Down by the Station”. The children worked to squeeze orange juice, this task helps them to develop control and build strength in their hands which will be required when learning to write. The children also explored the magnet sensory bin which is a great way to explore the science of magnets and the property of attraction, the children were able to discover these properties on their own. The class also participated in pretending to milk a cow (make sure to check out the pictures on Shutterfly!)followed by a discussion about where milk comes from. This activity helps children develop bilateral coordination, fine motot skills, grasp and hand strength.

In the Cedar Room this week the children engaged in a discussion about Earth Day and recyling. The children learned the many ways that we can help protect the environment. The children participated in an Earth Day project using child choice open-ended materials. They also engaged in a discussion about birds ,their habitat and the about the parts of a bird using three part cards. We watched a video clip about birds. Math lessons were given on fractions and subtraction for the older children.

In the Pine Room the children discussed different types of birds and continued their study of Australia. We also discussing Arbor Day and what it means, and watched a video clip about Arbor Day and planting trees. We read the books, “The Only way is Badger”, “The Best Nest” and Dr. Seuss “Oh Say You Can Say”. We have also been practicing our dances and songs for our concert. To listen to the songs you can go on youtube under just dance kids 2, Barbara Ann and The gummy bear song can be viewed. Please let us know if your child will participate, the concert is on May 30th. Have a great weekend- The Pine Room Staff.

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