School News 5/10/19

Hello Families! Please mark your calendar for our “Bring a Parent to School Night”! The Cedar Room will host this event on Tuesday, May 21, the Maple Room on Wednesday, May 22 and the Pine Room on May 23rd from 6:00-7:00 pm.

Our Spring Concert is Thursday, May 30 at the Novi Civic Center beginning at 6:00 pm.

In the Pine Room this week we continued our study of Antarctica, we watched a video on penguins. Ms. Linda from the Maple Room came to visit to tell us abut her trip to Australia. The children continue to practice for the Spring concert. We have been reviewing our hygiene habits as well as taking care of our plants and observing the caterpillars that are ready to make their cocoon. The children are working with color box 3, they are learning the different colors and how the colors go from darkest to lightest (color grading). The older children are working with division, skip counting, and multiplication. The younger children are continuing their work on numeral recognition.

Parents-for the recital attire for the children; boys can wear a plane white t-shirt and dark pants or shorts. The girls can wear pink or purple tutus with a top to match. For show and tell please try to bring something geared towards to the weekly theme. To all of our moms have a Happy Mother’s Day and a great weekend. Pine Room Staff.

In the Cedar Room we discussed Antarctica and penguins, the children watched a video on Antarctica. We had a discussion on Mother’s Day and learned the story behind it. We learned the story about “Ann Reaves Jarvis”. The children learned about different land forms on the earth and were presented the island, lake, cape and peninsula as a geography presentation.

In the Toddler Classroom the theme was the caterpillar. The children enjoyed hearing, “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” and constructed a caterpillar on construction paper using a sponge and a ball to give the caterpillar effect. The children also learned the parts of an apple from stem, seeds, skin and flesh of the fruit. The children were curious to see the apples arranged on the plate, we discussed the different colors of apples, what color the seed is and how the fruit tastes. They enjoyed feeling the seeds, the skin and the stem. The Sensorial Presentation was the Colored Tablets. The purpose of this activity is to demonstrate the primary colors red, blue and yellow mix and form the secondary colors, green, orange and purple. The ability to identify color is considered a marker and milestone in a child’s cognitive process. The Practical Life presentation focused on cleaning up and putting work away when the work is finished. The children learn and develop good life skills, independence, and gross and fine motor skills. It also helps in the development of mental order, concentration and self direction.

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