School News 5/24

Greetings Families!

Thank you to everyone that was able to participate in our Parent Night this week. The children enjoyed showing you their work and having you participate with them!

Next Thursday is our Spring Recital for the Preschool classrooms only. The center will close at 3:00 pm so everyone has time to prepare for this special event. The Recital is at the Novi Civic Center from 6:00-7:00 pm. We look forward to seeing you there!

Parent/Teacher conferences are scheduled for Friday, May 31st. The center is closed for children. Please enjoy this opportunity to learn about your child’s progress this year.

Since the weather is (finally) warm, beginning June 3rd and throughout the summer the children DO NOT need to wear a uniform. The polo shirts are too warm for the children to wear during the warmer days.

In the Toddler Classroom the theme this week was insects and bugs. The chidlren enjoyed the books, “Icky Sticky Frog” and “Hello Ladybug, Hello Bee”. In Food Preparation the children prepared their own snacks from start to finish using the skills they have developed. This activity encourages the children to develop both independence and food preparation skills. The children were introduced to the larger knobbed cylinders. This material teaches visual discrimination of size and promotes fine motor skills, pincer grip and hand-eye coordination. This activity primarily engages the sense of touch and of sight. The children engaged in creating a bug using paint and plastic insects on paper. They also made firefly sun catchers using construction paper, glue and tissue paper. The children were introduced to different types of insects and bugs- the bee, ladybug, firefly, butterfly, and ant. We discussed the fact that insects provide useful services to mankind and the environment, they keep pests and insects in check and pollinate crops we rely on for food. Please note: the toddlers will not be participating in the Spring Recital. Please check your emails for upcoming events in June-Thank You!

In the Pine Room we are reviewing most of the work we have done throughout the school year. We had an exciting week, our butterflies came out of their cocoons on Monday and the children were very excited to watch them. We now have 7 butterflies. The children are exploring different bugs with the magnifying glass. The older children are finishing up with their continent book. Parents just a reminder about the outfits for the concert on the 30th: boys wear a plain white teeshirt with dark pants or shorts. Girls wear pink or purple tutus with a matching top. Thank you!

In the Cedar Room this week we talked about and watched a video clip about “Memorial Day”. The childen received a presentation on how to make secondary colors using primary colors. The children continue to work according to their respective levels and we are reviewing the lesson learned during this school year. The children are showing more and more interest with reading. We have been practicing for the Spring Recital and are excited to perform next week. Thank you to the parents that were able to participate in the Parent Night.

In the Maple Room the childen have been busy practicing for the Spring Recital, the children are looking forward to it! Thank you to all of the parents who were able to attend Parent Night. All the children are working at their level.

There is a new session of Tumble Tot gymnastics starting. Click HERE for the registration form.

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Registrations for Summer & Fall are open

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