School News May 31,2019

Hello Families!

Thank you to the children in the Cedar, Maple and Pine rooms for their outstanding performances at last nights Spring Recital! Thank you to the teachers for all of their time and effort that was put into the performances, we have teachers that are great choreographers!

Thank you to families for participating in our Parent/Teacher conferences, we hope that you found them informative regarding your child’ school success!

Beginning on Monday, June 3rd, the children do not need to wear a uniform, some of the material is too warm to wear this time of year. Please make sure that children are wearing closed toe shoes for safety at school. If you would like to have sunscreen applied to your child during the day, please complete the permission form available in your child’s classroom.

On Friday, May 14 we will end the school year with a picnic celebration at Heritage Park in Farmington Hills. The fun will begin at 9:00 and end at 11:00. Please provide a picnice lunch for your family; a Splash Pad with foundtains and sprayers is inside of the park. Pease prepare your child for some fun water activitie! The address is 24915 Farmington Rd. between 10 and 11 Mile. The Spash Pad opens at 10:00 am.

In theToddler Classroom the theme this week was Rocks! The children enjoyed painting rocks and ivestigating the Rough and Smooth boards to experience their sense of touch and learn the feel of different textures. In Practical Life the teachers reviewed the process of unrolling and rolling a work rug- this helps a child build respect and responsibility in both their work and play. It also defines a work space as the child’s own and sets an intention of work. The children continue to use the extended cylinder blocks that were previously introduced. The children also engaged in basic yoga moves and enjoyed listening to “Over in the Ocean” and “Down by the Station”

In the Maple Room the math 45 layout was introduced in the vertical format. There was a discussion about the four seasons and the children were very interactive. The children continue to get through in the concepts they have learned throughout the year. We are proud of how well the children performed at the spring recital. The children continue to enjoy reading during the work cycle. In the Practical Life area zipping was reintroduced in small groups.

In the Pine Room we are reviewing most of our unit studies we have learned through the school year. The past week the children have been practicing for our recital. 
On Thursday all the children in school got to watch as we let the butterflies out of their habitat, it was very exciting as we released one at a time children clapped as they flew away. 
The children did a great job at the recital we are very proud of all of them.
Congratulations to our graduates, wish you the best in your new school.
Just a reminder no uniforms starting next week.
Have a great weekend 

This week in Cedar room children were reviewing the lessons that they learned throughout the year. Older children were improved their confidence on reading. We had a great opportunity to watch how butterflies were releasing to the atmosphere. Special thanks oi Ms. Dee for all your efforts. 
Thank you for all children who were participated for the spring concert and your hard work. You made the day success…!

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