Summer Camp News 6/29/19

Week 2 of Summer Camp was Bug Bonanza! The kids had fun learning & exploring. We had a guest on Wednesday from Dynamic School Assemblies and the children got to see various insects including some beautiful butterflies!

Next week’s theme is U.S.A! Please remember we are closed Thursday July 4 and Friday July 5.

Important Reminders:

  • If your child has allergies, double check with the lead teacher to be sure everything is correct on our allergy report. If your child needs medication for allergies, be sure to bring it with a completed medication form.
  • If you have not signed up for Text Message Alerts via Remind, please do so.  We use this system if we need to send out a school-wide message or in case of emergency.  For instructions, click HERE
  • If you have not read the welcome letter that was sent out before camp started, it is important you do so at Summer Welcome Letter

Remember, tuition for the week is due on the first day of your child’s attendance each week. Drop a check off in the tuition box to the left of the fish tank, or you can pay online if you’ve set up your account in the parent portal of Sandbox.

Bike days, water activities and walks to the park will start in July as the weather starts to cooperate!

Elementary: Pine Class

Our summer is off to a great start. Children have been working on geography, North America and South America also doing some work sheets.
Children have been working with math /language books and worksheets.
We are also learning the math pentathlon and it’s amazing to see how many children are so interested in this. We are also learning chess this also is very exciting even for us teachers we are learning and playing as well.

The children can’t wait to open our store, so they have been working on making all different kinds of crafts. We had a presentation on Tuesday about bugs and butterflies, the children had a lot of questions for her. 

We went outside and paired the children together and they were our explorers digging and looking for bugs and they had lab reports to fill out and draw pictures of the bug they found. That was a great adventure the children loved doing this.

Some are asking about bike day, the older children will not be doing bikes they will go to the park, weather permitting. Please remember to bring water bottles and sunscreen weather permitting we go outside. 

Just a reminder we are closed Wednesday and Thursday July 4th & 5th.
Hope everyone enjoys the 4th of July weekend.
Pine room staff

Preschool: Maple Class

We discussed about the parts of an insect, it’s habitat, what they eat, some of the benefits of insects and how they communicate with each other. 

We made a model insect with play dough and pipe cleaners. The children enjoyed make butterflies for project.

Check out Summer Camp pictures below.  Pictures are updated often.  Use the passcode 4555 to access them:

Summer Camp Pictures

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