School News- June 28, 2019

Hello Families! Welcome to the end of week two of summer camp!

Please make sure to send a water bottle and sunscreen with your child. Please make sure that everything your child brings to school is labeled.

The center will be closed on July 4th and 5th. We hope that everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend!

In the Maple Room this weeks theme was insects. We discussed the parts of an insect, its habitate, what they eat and some of the benefits of having them in our environment and how they communicate with each other. After attending a presentation on bugs and butterflies the children made a model of an insect with play dough and pipecleaners. They also enjoyed making a butterfly.

Summer is off to a great start in the Pine Room! The children have been working on geography, North America and South America. They are completing worksheets related to what they have learned. The children have also been working on math and language workbooks and worksheets. The children are also learning the math pentathlon, it is amazing to see how the children are so interested in this. They are also learning chess which is very exciting even for us teachers as we are learning and playing as well!

The children cannot wait to open their store, they are busy making crafts to sell. This week we had a presentation on bugs and butterflies, the children asked the presentor many questions. After the presentation the children were put together in pairs and were explorers outside looking for bugs. They had lab reports to fill out and had to draw pictures of the bugs that they found. That was a great adventure that the children really enjoyed. Some of the children are asking about bike day, the older children to do ride their bikes but will walk to the park, weather permitting. Please remember to bring in a waterbottle and suncreen (both labeled with your child’s name) we go outside every day, weather permitting.

Remember that we are closed on July 4th and 5th. We hope that everyone enjoys the long fourth of July weekend!- ThePine Room staff

In the Toddler classroom the children were busy this past week. They enjoyed circle time, books, songs, music and body movements. The children love to explore, play with and learn the different activities/materials we have in the classroom. Everything is more fun with water activities which the children love to work on; water pouring, sponging, plant watering, basting and whisking. The children were excited and amused to see the different butterflies and bugs during the inhouse show on Tuesday. The children always look forward to going outdoors where they enjoy nature and the toys on the playground.