School News, July 12, 2019

Hello Families!

The highlight of this week’s “Farm” theme was the visit from Farmer Nate! He brought a cow and calf, sheep, lambs and many other animals. The children were able to pet the animals and even milk the cow! All of the children were respectful of the animals, Farmer Nate was very impressed with the Pine Room children for their attentiveness and thoughtful questions! The pictures are included in this week’s picture link below. Scroll all the way to the bottom for the more recent photos.

The Pine Room children also enjoyed engaging in pushups, yoga and meditation first thing every morning. The children have been working every other day on their language work book. This week they were also given the task of observing and comparing seeds from fresh fruits and vegetables and matching dried seeds to fresh seeds. The class continues talking about the continents and their countries, states and popular cities. The children have enjoyed learning the math pentathlon from each other and continue to work in their math books.

The Maple Room discussed farm animals and agriculture, and planted herbs to take home. The children continue to have work time in the morning and again in the afternoon. They also enjoy reading books and being read to in a small group.

We began bike week this Friday and will continue to have bike day each Friday until the end of summer camp. Please make sure to put your child’s name on their helmet and bike. This activity is for the preschoolers, the Pine Room children will go to the local park starting next Friday.

Next week’s theme is “Oceans”, the children will learn about the oceans and participate in activities related the creatures that live beneath the sea! There will be a guest presenter on Wednesday, July 17th at 10:00 to talk about ocean life cycles.

*** It is important to check your schedule in the parent portal to be sure you are registered for all the weeks you need child care. Log in to your parent portal and click on Calendar. Green means you’re scheduled, Red or nothing means you are not scheduled. We are FULL for the rest of the summer. Unless we have cancellations, we may not be able to add weeks***

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Please take a look at the pictures from this week’s farm visit using the link below.

Summer Camp Pictures

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