School News 7/19/19

This week’s camp highlights (besides the hot temps) were the school store and the field trip to the park for our older students.

The elementary students invited the preschool students to shop at “Kids Creation”, their store which sold all of the crafts they’ve been making over the last several weeks. Check out the photos below.

Also, our elementary students had lunch at a park on Thursday. They enjoyed having bigger playground equipment and taking a nice walk.

Reminders: Please check our child’s schedule in your Parent Portal. Green means your child is registered, red or white means your child is on vacation or is not registered. Summer schedules are extremely hard to keep track of in the office due to schedule requests. We try to stay on top of it, but due to the number of emails, we need you to double check. Schedule changes should be made by logging into your parent portal and clicking on Calendar. In the bottom right corner, click +Add Vacation. This is the most direct way to let us know. Messages in emails can be missed, and they are difficult to find later.

If you are not registered for a week and need to add it, click HERE. Please note we may not be able to accommodate as we are mostly full. Let us know ASAP if you need to add any weeks that are not in your calendar. We will try our best.

Are you registered for fall? Check! Log into your parent portal and click on Child Info and look under Active Enrollments. You should see a 19-20 Registration. If not, please contact the office or go to to register your child.

Summer Camp Pictures

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