School News September 27, 2019

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Hello Families,

Upcoming Dates

We have Picture Day 10-08-19 it is a free dress day.

Vision Screening is 10/11/19

Field trip for Cedar, Maple, and Pine rooms to Erwin’s Apple Orchard 10-18-19, one parent must attend!

Thank you all for attending parent orientation night! September brought many exciting materials that was introduced to our students. Spanish, Japenese, tumble tots and dance has also started.  The theme for September was land, air, and water. Each classroom introduced descriptive materials that distinguished the three.

Pratical Life

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In pratical life students were introduced to dry transfer work, dry and wet pouring, stringing materials, and tonging. All these materials contributes to the order, concentration, coordination and independence in our students work cycle.

Grace and Courtesy

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In grace and courtesy students were introduced to our daily ground rules within the classroom, introducing yourself to teachers and peers, using the restroom, drinking fountain, rolling a rug, and carrying a tray to designated area. In each classroom there is a food prep table, students are able to enjoy making a snack with a classmate and showing grace and courtesy with table manners.


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Teachers introduced sensorial materials such as the knobbed cylinders, knobless cylinders, pink tower, brown stairs, and red rods. These materials assist in discrimination and order, i.e shortest to longest, thickess to thiness.


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In language students were introduced to the solor system, distinguishing things that are the same and different, books discussing starting school, and their individual based curriculum.


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Students are able to work with premath material freely. Introduction to more material is based on the students individualized curriculum.


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In geography we dicussed land air and water with concrete objects such as land (dirt) air (empty jar of air, wind on playground), and water (jar of water). Students has to categorized object into the three areas. 


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Students explored living and non living things in the science area. We also discussed farm and domestic animals, plants, leaves, and more about the solar system.

Cultural Studies

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During culutal studies we did music and movements with learning each other names. We also discussed transporation of land, air and water.

Please feel free to click the links throughout the news letter to learn more about the material that was introduced and how it is used in the classroom.

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HOW can you help at home? Remember to allow your child time to decompress after school. Wait until dinner, bathtime, or bed time to ask these questions…..

What three things makes up our earth? 

What are the main parts of a plant? 

What is the difference between largest and smallest?

What are some ways to read a map? 

Can you name some plants? 

What are some ways to travel by land? air? water? 

What was your favorite math work? 

Did you learn any new sounds/ words? 

Classroom Pictures from September

Links you might need.