School News December 2019

Christmas baubles and champagne

Hello Families,

Upcoming Dates:

  • December 13th, 2019 School closes at 3:00 p.m. Holiday Concert at 6:00 p.m- 8:00p.m at Novi Civic Center. Potluck to follow after concert, please see your child’s teacher to sign up!
  • December 23rd, 2019 School Closed – Holiday Break
  • January 2nd, 2019 Classes Resume
  • Changes to calendar!  The in service for February 18th has been cancelled, school will be in session. 

Attention!! If you have not signed up for Remind  please do so. Here you will receive school closing messages and additional classroom messages. Please me sure to pack appropriate outside wear for your child. It is mandated by the state that children go out side during the winter months as well. 

ATTENTION! With the weather changing please bring appropriate outside clothing, (coat, hat, gloves and closed toe shoes).

We appreciate your business and would love your feedback!!! You can fill out a comment card at the front desk and put it in the tuition box or leave us a message on our Facebook page at Novi Woods Montessori

We want to welcome all our new families that started this month!!!

We’ve accomplished so much already in the first half of the school year and are excited to begin the second half. Classrooms are normalized and our students are mastering their work cycle throughout the day.  

November’s theme was Australia. Students learned about animals, plants, and land forms within this continent.  

Practical Life


This month we worked independently with food prep cutting up veggies for our soup.  Other food prep was cutting grapes, and table etiquette while sharing a snack with friends. We also was introduced to the dressing frame.

Grace & Courtesy


As the weather changes we were introduced to how to properly blow our noses, cover a cough/ sneeze, hand washing, and open and close doors. During our cultural day luncheon we got to explore communicating with friends while having lunch together.



In Sensorial we were introduced to the geometric cabinet.  We were also introduced to abstract paper work with color box one and two.



In Language we discussed animals in Australia. Students also worked on individualized curriculum.



New material is introduced on a individualized basis as old material is mastered.



As this month’s theme was Australia, we discussed animals, food, and land and water forms.  Check out this video on land and water forms



In Science we experimented with objects that sink and float. We had an awesome time hypothesizing which objects would sink and which would float. We also discussed parts of a turtle.

Cultural Studies 

We all came together and made “stone soup”  for our cultural day luncheon. You can listen to the story by pressing the link.



Image result for question mark pictures

HOW can you help at home? Remember to allow your child time to decompress after school. Wait until dinner, bath time, or bed time to ask these questions…..

  • What is an island?
  • What is a lake?
  • What are some objects that sink? float?
  • What are some animals found in Australia?
  • What are parts of a turtle?

Check out pictures from this month.

IMG_2861IMG_2858 IMG_2860 IMG_2853IMG_2850IMG_2842IMG_2997IMG_2998

IMG_2997IMG_2993IMG_0993IMG_2995IMG_0992 IMG_0988IMG_2839IMG_0973IMG_2981IMG_2977IMG_0936IMG_0965IMG_0948