April Home School Edition


Hello Families,

Upcoming Date:

All upcoming events are tenatively cancelled. If we are able to reschedule we will update you on new dates.

Novi Woods Montessori will send out weekly newsletters to keep you informed with updates during this Covid-19 crisis.

If you plan on returning for summer camp please fill out this survey.

Please continue to send pictures of your children throughout there day at home. The staff and their friends truly miss each other!!!

Keep up the great job on IXL. We have answered over 40,000 questions!!! Remember if your child needs addtional help, or paperwork to go along with the lessons, their teachers are available to assist. Thank you and Stay Safe!!!!

Fun Friday!!!!!!

Scavenger Hunt

1. Have FUN!
2. Use your imagination!
3. Keep track of what you see, hear, feel, touch and smell
4. Take photos if you would like to share your findings.
5. Back to Rule #1!

(place a check-mark next to what you find)
___ a pair of shoes that are too small for you
___ an umbrella
___ a purple crayon
___ a book that you haven’t read yet
___ a large book
___ dental floss
____ a picture of yourself smiling (we miss your smiles!)
___ a spatula
___ a stuffed animal you haven’t hugged in awhile
___ a penny, a nickel, a dime and a quarter (extra points if you
know how much money that is)! J
___ a clock that you can see and write down the time
___a birthday candle
___ 10 legos, any color of your choice. Can you make something
from 10 legos?
___anything from your favorite sports team (shirt, hat, sticker, etc.)
(place a check-mark next to what you find)
___ An American flag
___ A person walking a dog
___ A flower that is blooming (be sure to smell it!)
___ Anything that starts with a “P”, like Pizza!
___ A baby in a stroller or child in a wagon
___ Someone mowing a lawn
___ A 4-leafed clover, or anything unique you can find on a walk!
___ A cardinal, robin, blue jay or any beautiful bird.

___ A delivery driver or someone delivering mail
___ Someone riding a bike
___ A house that has a family outside waving “hello”
___ An airplane flying up above
___ The sun
___ The moon

Make sure you print this out for your student to have some fun around the house today!!!