May Home School Edition

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Hello Families,

Upcoming Date:

All upcoming events are tenatively cancelled. If we are able to reschedule we will update you on new dates.

Novi Woods Montessori will send out weekly newsletters to keep you informed with updates during this Covid-19 crisis.

Please continue to send pictures of your children throughout there day at home. The staff and their friends truly miss each other!!!

Keep up the great job on IXL.  Remember if your child needs addtional help, or paperwork to go along with the lessons, their teachers are available to assist. Thank you and Stay Safe!!!!

We will continue to monitor the shelter in place date which has been extended to May 28th, 2020. As Gov. Whitmer gives the state updates on the strategy to reopen we will send updates on when we can return.

Fun Friday Mother’s Day Craft

Grab some paint and contruction paper!

Assist your child in painting hand and stamp in making a bouquet.

Assist your child in painting foot and use foot as the vase of your flowers.

Use green to paint stems.


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We didnt have many pictures this week, please continue to send pictures so your friends can see what you are up to.