October/November School News

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Upcoming Dates

November 16th, 2020 Pictures forms are due back to office.

November 25th, 2020 Thanksgiving Lunch (Cultural Day)

November 26th & 27th School Closed in observation of Thanksgiving

October brought lots of fun activities. This month our theme was Asia. Our students had an amazing time during out harvest party, picture day, and halloween. We thank you all for attending parent/ teacher conference.

ATTENTION! With the weather changing please bring appropriate outside clothing, (coat, hat, gloves and closed toe shoes).

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Practical Life

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In practical life this month students were introduced to twisting, folding, sorting/ matching and flower arranging. Practical Life activities are all naturally interesting to our students because they reflect real life task.

Grace and Courtesy

With the weather changing, this month in grace and courtesy we were introduced to independently putting on our coat and hanging up a coat. Other things like greeting someone who walks into the room and how to respectfully interrupt a conversation were also introduced. The students had a great time role playing and practicing with each other.


Our concentraion is growing and the students were introduced to materials such as color box one and two, and geometric solids. Check out our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/novimontessori/ to watch videos of our students exploring with sensorial work.


In language we read books about Asia. Each child worked on their individualized curriculum.


In math children are able to work on their individualized curriculum’s freely. As material is mastered new material is presented.


In Geography students were introduced to all the aspects of Asia, (foods, clothing, music, and arts.) We discussed location on the globe and mastering the countries on the map. Other things that were were introduced were directions, and the states of Michigan, Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Iadaho, and Montana.


Science was exciting with learning the life cycle of a pumpkin! In addition for the month we discussed insects, parts of an insects, and arachnids.