The staff of Novi Woods brings dedication and commitment to the facility with a combination of Montessori training and child care experience. They each come with an awareness of how a young child develops and learns, and serve as role models to our youngest observers.  Our teachers are Montessori-certified and our school is affiliated with the Michigan Montessori Society.  Teachers and Administration regularly attend Montessori conferences and are well-known in the Montessori community. 

Katie- Director

Katie pictureMs. Katie joined Novi Woods in June 2017.  She has 10+ years experience as a center director and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to us in administration and child development.  Katie discovered Montessori after watching how her own children experienced the world around them.  She researched programs and instantly knew it would be a good fit!  


img_9077Dee- Lead Teacher and Assistant Director

Ms. Dee has been with Novi Woods Montessori for over 15 years!  You’ll find her as a co-lead teacher in the Pine Room as well as busy in the office.  Outside of school, Ms. Dee enjoys bowling and spending time with her kids.  


dsc_0157Sue- Lead Teacher, Preschool & Kindergarten

Ms. Sue joined Novi Woods Montessori when it opened in 1994!  She holds a Montessori certification from the American Montessori Society. Sue teaches in the Cedar Room. Ms. Sue has a passion for Montessori math, science and geography.


mayaMaya-Lead Teacher, Preschool & Kindergarten

Ms. Maya has been a teacher at Novi Woods Montessori for 15 years.  She is Montessori
certified through the American Montessori Society. Maya teaches in the Maple Room. Her passion in the classroom is language.  In her free time, Maya enjoys attending retreats.


Manju-Lead Teacher, Preschool & Kindergarten

Ms. Manju co-teaches with Ms. Dee in the Pine Room.  She also holds a Montessori certification through the American Montessori Society.

Evelyn-Lead Teacher, Toddler

Ms. Evelyn has been with Novi Woods Montessori since 1998.  She holds an Infant-Toddler Montessori certification through the American Montessori Society.  Her passion is Montessori Practical Life and she enjoys watching her toddlers go through the ‘I can do it myself’ phase.  


diannDiann- Lead Teacher, Infant

Ms. Diann has been in Early Childhood for over 30 years.  She brings a wealth of experience with a joyful and nurturing personality!  When not spending time with Novi Woods’ babies, Diann enjoys playing in the bell choir at her church.  

img_8993Amanda- Owner & Office

Ms. Amanda works in the office and gives tours (she’s also Ms. Angelina’s daughter-in-law!)  She holds a Montessori certification through the American Montessori Society.  She loves Montessori Math, Science and Geography.  In her free time, Amanda likes to exercise, read and shuffle her kids to and from sports and activities!

Angelina- Founder

Ms. Angelina opened Novi Woods Montessori in 1994 and has been active with the Montessori Community for more than 30 years.   She holds a Montessori teacher certification from the American Montessori Society.  She brings a joyous dedication to “following the child”.  Her passion for Montessori started when her sons were attending Montessori. She loves the Language curriculum!  Ms. Angelina loves to travel and spend time with her 5 grandkids!