School News 11/5-11/9

Greetings Families!

Please have your picture money turned into the office no later than Monday, November  12. George Stewart will be stopping in on Tuesday to pick up all of the orders.

Please know that there are two confirmed cases of pink eye in the center. One in the Cedar Room and one in the Infant Room. If you notice that your child’s eyes are red with a yellow discharge please have them checked out with your pediatrician.

Please enjoy these pictures from our Diwali celebrations!

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This week in the Maple Room the children studied the continent of South America, the flag of Brazil and animals of the South American rainforest. Thank you to Ms Mari for a wonderful presentation, the children enjoyed the Brazilian music. The parts of the human body were introduced and in the Practical Life presentation the children practiced lacing and zipping on our zipping frames. The Cultural Studies presentation focused Diwali. Thank you to Ms. Asha ( Cedar Room) for a very informative talk about Indian culture of bursting crackers.

This week in the Cedar Room the children have been practicing two song; “Senses work in Harmony” and “If your senses help you grow, say (they do). The art activities this week  focused on Diwali, the Festivals of Light. The children have been learning and creating animals that live in the rain forest. The Practical Life presentation added how to take care of our teeth and brush twice a day. The Geography presentation discussed the animals of South America, the flag of Brazil and the Amazon rain forest. The Sensorial presentation featured the Colored box 3. The Science presentation involved mixing colors, children learning about primary colors and what two colors to mix to give us a secondary color. We learned about parts of the body and our five senses. The Grace and Courtesy presentations focused on self-awarness (how to take care of our bodies for example hand washing, teeth brushing and taking a bath). There will be a Diwali celebration that the children will celebrate with songs and art projects. Please Cedar Parents, make sure that you send gloves or mittens and hats. We go outside every day for at least 20 minutes in the morning and afternoon. Thank you and have a good week.

In the Pine Room this week the Large Group lesson focused on the parts of the human body. We also introduced color mixing to see when two colors are mixed together,what they turn into. We have also been talking about Diwali, the Festival of Lights. During the Practical Life presentation we introduced water pouring and color mixing. During the Sensorial presentation the children worked on the trinomial cube. The children are enjoying the fact that they can take more than one work and combine them together and use their imagination to create an extension. Our Geography presentation is a continuation of our unit study on South America, the Amazon river and the rain forest. The Science presentation involved color mixing work.  We will be celebrating Diwali on Friday, please dress your child is their ethnic clothing and if you have anything for your child to bring in for show and tell regarding your culture, please send them in we will take very good care of them:)

Please enjoy the slide show of Diwali activities and classroom activities!

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This week in the Toddler Classroom the children enjoyed parachute play and exploring musical instruments. The children also enjoyed ” In the Wild” (naming jungle animals), and “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”. Our Practical Life presentation focused on the care of the environment and watering the plants. The Sensorial presentation involved a presentation of the five senses through activities -touch, smell, taste hearing and seeing. The children sorted by color. The theme of the week was the Festival of Lights. On Friday, November 16 we will celebrate Cultural Day, your child is invited to wear their ethnic outfit and we would appreciate a cultural dish for the children to sample. Thank You! Have a nice weekend!

Amanda Pullukat is starting a Parenting group in January for our families as well as anyone in your community who you think would benefit.  We will discuss parenting strategies, ideas and read a parenting book over the course of 8 weeks.  We will soon narrow down a day & time but if you’re interested, please follow the link below to mark your preference & interest.  This group will not include child care, so consider just one parent attending.  There will be resources to share with your spouse!  Currently Monday or Wednesday evenings 7-8:30 is the most popular day/time.

Parenting Group Form


School News 10/26-11/2

Hello Families!

The Halloween Party was a huge sucess! Thank you to everyone that donated treats for the Halloween trick or treat walk. The children enjoyed joining in Halloween games and completing Halloween crafts in the classroom.

Enjoy these pictures of the toddlers and the Pine room participating in Halloween fun!

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This week in the Pine Room in addition to the Halloween activities (pumpkin carving in four different shapes, reading “Pete the Cat Halloween”, sang Itsy Bisty Spider and Five Little Pumpkins, the children also listened to Halloween songs) this week the children and teachers talked about all of the North American animals, the children were introduced to the South American map. The Practical Life presentations introduced pumpkin pounding with golf tees, learning how to lace a spider web and continuing to practice putting on and zipping up coats. The Sensorial Presentations included presenting the Rectangular box and the small Hexagonal box. The children are still exploring all the things they can do with the red rods, pink tower, brown stairs and knobless cylinders. The older children were writing facts on South America and animals. The Science Presentations were a continuation of the life cycle of a pumpkin. During the Grace & Courtesy Presentations the children practice good hygiene, practicing how to use a tissue and wiping their noses then washing hands after.

The Halloween party was fun with so many wonderful costumes! The children did some crafts along with making ghost suckers. The children decorated and ate cookies. Sorry if your child’s feet were stained black! We did a footprint project that was sent home, we hope that you liked them! The younger children are continuing to work on the beginning sounds and numeral recognition along with the hanging beads 1-10. Please send silverware for your child’s lunch, and please make sure they have extra clothing here at school just in case of a toileting accidents or they get their clothes wet.

Have a great weekend! Pine Room Staff

In the Toddler Classroom the children practiced jumping on the tape line (balance) and stepping on bubble wrap on the floor (fun!). The children enjoyed hearing stories about water animals and a touch and feel farm. During the Practical Life presentation the children spread cream cheese on crackers. The Sensorial presentation featured textiles and fabrics. The art activities were related to the Halloween theme, the children made Halloween bats, a spooky pumpkin collage and painted mini pumpkins. The children participated in tasting pomegranate – See the pictures below! Please label all of your child’s winter clothing, assessories, sippy cups and food containers. Thank You!

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In the Cedar Room this week the children enjoyed the Halloween party and trick or treating. They participated in a spider web game, a spider ring toss game, decorating cookies, making a pumpkin with a cinnamon stick and a ghost! The children were introduced to the large hexagon box during the Sensorial Presentation and South America, specifically Brazil this week during the Geography Presentation. During the month of November the Grace & Courtesy Presentation will focus on how to give thanks every day for the people and things around us.  Please check your child’s folder each week and bring a change of clothing in their backpack. We will celebrate Diwali next week, we invite parents to share cultural information with the children, please contact the Cedar Room teachers to arrange a time to visit. Also, if you have any books to share related to South America, that would be great. Please remember to label all of your child’s belongings.

In the Maple Room the children enjoyed listening to the “Lonely Scarecrow” book. The teen board was reintroduced so the children understood the correct way to use the material and the children engaged with geometric solids for their Sensorial Presentation. For Practical Life the children practiced stringing, tonging and the teachers presented twisiting. The map of the USA was presented during the Geography presentation and during the Grace & Courtesy presentation the teachers emphasized how to treat friends. The older children were introduced to the bank game.  For Halloween the children enjoyed decorating and eating a sugar cookie for snack. They children made cinnamon pumpkins and ghosts. We also played a few games and read “Horrible Harry and the Green Slime”, “The Teacher from the Black Lagoon” and ” Dinosaur Bones”.  Please help your child pick out theme related show and tell which is every Friday. Please make sure that there is silverware for your child in their lunch box. Please let them hang up their jackets by themselves before they enter the classroom. Have a nice weekend!

Weekly Newsletter 10/22/26

Greetings Families!

The children are excited about Halloween next week! The morning of Halloween the teachers are planning Halloween activities in the classroom. The children will also decorate Halloween cookies! The children will then walk to the fire station next door to “trick or treat”,  returning to the center to “trick or treat” in our parking lot.

We are asking for donations to fill the “trick or treat ” stations for the children in the parking lot. Donations can be dropped off in the kitchen.

Children are able to wear costumes, please make sure that they are appropriate for school, no masks (too hard to see) and no weapons.

In the Pine Room the children enjoyed the song “Five little pumpkins” during large group. The children were introduced to the large hexagon box. The children have been able to work on learning to count by ten’s to 100 with a new math work. The Practical Life presentations continued practicing pouring and lacing. The children are also working on flower arrangements and enjoyed washing a pumpkin. The Sensorial Presentation focused on the children working with the large hexagon box learning to make different shapes like the parallogram, rombus and hexagon. The children are working on the names of the geometric solids and labels. During the Geography Presentations the children continued  the study of North America while the older children continued to work on push pinning a minature hemisphere. The Science Presentation had the children continuing with their study of the parts of trees and pumpkins and the life cycle of the pumpkin.

Show and tell is on Fridays, please send items related to the themes of the month. Any treats you would like to share for Halloween-please send them by Monday, October 29.


In the Toddler Room this week the theme was shapes and transportation. The children participated in painting activities and enjoyed the books, “Icky sticky frog” and “Snappy little bugs”. The children practiced putting on, taking off and hanging up their own clothes as their Practical Life lesson. During the Sensorial presentation the children played with play dough and a bat ring stacking activity. The children created transportation collages using shapes ( the children’s work is displayed on the windows). The children enjoyed the Halloween sensory bin.





In the Cedar Room the large group activities, songs and stories were related to Halloween. The class helped to carve a pumpkin and observed the life cycle of the pumpkin. Using the pumpkin the children particpated in a hammering activity using gold tees that were pounded into the pumpkin. The Geography presentation focused on land forms ( a bay and a cape), the Science presentation was an investigation of the pumpkin life cycle from seeds to plant. The Grace and Courtesy lesson focused on helping in our community ( classroom jobs), children sign up weekly for a certain job in the classroom. The book of the week focused on sharing is caring and learning about gernerosity.



Newsletter for the week of 10/15

Hello Families!

The weather is turning cooler so that means warm jackets, hats and gloves for the children so that they may participate comfortably in outdoor play every day!  The office has received several questions regarding the children going outside when the temperature is below 50 degrees. Here is the State of Michigan’s licensing rules regarding children and outdoor play: A center operating with children in attendance for 3 or more continuous hours per day shall provide daily outdoor play, unless prevented by inclement weather or other weather conditions that could result in the children becoming overheated or excessively chilled. Cold weather does not make children ill. Studies have indicated that children who are taken outdoors, even during cold weather for short periods of time, have fewer incidences of respiratory illnesses. Infectious disease organisms are less concentrated in outdoor air than indoor air… Being outdoors in the fresh air helps children stay healthy. The following is taken into account when making our decision about outdoor play: the temperature outdoors including wind chill factors and the heat index, severe weather conditions (lightning, heavy rain or snow, etc).    PLEASE MAKE SURE TO LABEL YOUR CHILD’S CLOTHING, MANY ITES LOOK ALIKE ESPECIALLY BOOTS, SNOWPANTS, HATS AND GLOVES:)

The center Halloween Party is Wednesday, October 31 in the morning. If you would like to donate a treat for the trick or treat portion of the party please put your donation in the kitchen or give to the classroom teachers.

In the Toddler Room the theme this week was the harvest season. The children enjoyed big body movement outdoors, running, walking, jumping and sliding on the slides. They also enjoyed gathering up leaves and throwing them up in the air! They enjoyed listening to the books, “On the Farm”, “Over in theOcean” and “My Busy Bus”. The children learned to juice oranges in Practical Life and engaged with the Red Rods as a Sensorial Presentation. The children created collage traffice lights with red, green and yellow bits of construction paper and also painted pine cones. The children also explored different types of fruits and vegetables: pears and apples, oranges, pomegranate and bananas. They also explored carrots, pumpkins and potatoes. A REMINDER-Please label all of your children’s belongings so that we return them to the correct owner 🙂

In the Cedar Room the children were introduced to land forms, flags of North American countries (Candada, and the United States and Mexico),  a strait and an isthmus, gulf and peninsula. The Science Presentations involved researching animals. The Grace and Courtesy presentation was about classroom manners. The Sensorial Presentation was the exploration of the sound cylinders.

In the Pine Room the children explored the life cycle of an apple, continued their study of mapping and directions, learned songs about pumpkins as well as the life cycle of the pumpkin. The Practical Life presentations reinforced the classroom rules and using manners, showing how to get and put away their work properly, small posting activity. The Sensorial Presentation involved extensions with the red rods and the knobless cylinders, making a maze with the red rods and a review of geometric solids. The Geography Presentations were on maps of North America-the children matched with a control map. Teachers read information to the children on North America and assisted the children with learning directions: north, south, east and west. The Science Presentation revolved around the three parts of the life cycle of a pumpkin and parts of a tree. The Grace and Courtesy presentation was a continuation of the discussion on how to ask for help and saying thank you, some of the children are helping others when help in needed. The Kindergarten children continue to work in their journals, the 45 layout in math, static addition, single and four digit and the bank game. The children enjoyed hearing the stories, ” I am a Apple, I am a Leaf” and “All about Manners”.  Parents please be mindful that the cooler weather calls for warmer clothing, we go outside twice a day every day. If you would like to donate a treat for the Halloween Party on 10/31, please put it in the kitchen or give it to one of the classroom teachers. There will be a sign up sheet posted outside the classroom door one day next week for parents to volunteer to help with the Halloween Party. Have a safe weekend! Pine Room Staff.

This week the Maple Room enjoyd hearing Halloween related stories, a story about Johnny Appleseed; the children sang the 5 Little Pumpkins song and Scare crow, scare crow. A small group presentation introduced an addition strip board to the older children. The Practical Life presentation was a continuation of zipping practice and flower arrangement. The Geography Presentation reintroduced direction and the children listened to a book on North American culture. The Science Presentations explored the parts of an appleand the Grace and Courtesy Presentation related to sharing and caring for a friend.  We are reinforcing the classroom rules, please talk with your child about what they are and that it is important for the children to follow all of the rules. The children enjoyed the apple orchard visit today. The the children are getting into a successful working routine and are showing interest in learning!

Enjoy the slideshow of children working this week!

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School News 10/8-12/18

Greetings Families!

It has been another busy week for the children in the preschool classrooms as they continue their study of North America. The toddlers have been busy moving, singing, reading stories, and enjoying the outdoors!

In the Cedar Room during large group the children explored a map of North and South America and talked about Columbus Day. The children then completed a Columbus Day activity. In Practical Life the children worked on the zipper frame to continue to master zipping and enhance their fine motor skills. The Sensorial Presentation was the Color Box 3, Triangle. During the Geography Presentation the children learned about direction, hemiphere and continent. During the Science Presentaton the children learned about parts of the apple and the life cycle of a pumpkin. The Grace and Courtesy lesson focused on greeting friends and good manners. The cultural studies focused on the Christoper Columbus story.

Please note that the center is a nut free environment, please do not send any snacks with any type of nut so that we keep all of our children safe. Please make sure to check your child’s folder each day. Please send a jacket or sweater as we continue to go outside as the weather changes and  wewant the children to be comfortable while playing on the playground.

In the Maple Room this week during large group the children learned about Christopher Columbus. The math presentation focused on the hanging bead bars 1-10. The Geography presentation focused on the layers of the earth (crust, core and mantel). The children also enjoyed listening to Halloween audio books. The Practical Life presentation focused on stringing beads and snapping on the dressing frames. During the Sensorial presentations the primary and secondary colors were introduced. The layers of the earth were introduced during the Geography presentation and the Science presentation focused on parts of a tree. For the Grace and Courtesy lesson the children listened to the book “I’m sorry” followed by a discussion about respecting others and care of the classroom materials.  Please have your child bring a show and tell item that is related to the theme. Please use the Maple Room door when picking up your children from the playground.

Please note that small group presentations are given regularly in the classroom.

In the Pine Room the children continued their study on mapping and directions and the hemisphere. The children engaged with the three part cards of the continents. Practical life presentations focused on putting on and zipping our coats. New work was put on the shelves geared towards Halloween. During the Sensorial presention small group presentations on red rods and rough and smooth continued. The Geography presentation discussion continued about North America and the state where we live and also the USA. We also talked about Christopher Columbus and the three ships, the children made the ships in the art area. The Science presentation was a continuation of our study on apples, frogs and parts of a tree. The story “What is mapping” was read during the Grace and Courtesy lesson. In math the children are working on introductions tray, and the bank game ( quantity and numbers). The older children continue their work on addition, work books and reading.

In the toddler classroom this week the children enjoyed large body movement to music, enjoyed listening to “Brown bear, brown bear” ( a book on colors) and enjoyed singing “down by the station”. The children practiced cutting bananas in Practical Life, during the Sensorial presentation the children were introduced to color tablets. This weeks theme was pumpkins, the children created paper plate pumpkins during art. The children observed a pumpkin being cut in half and then were able to scoop out the pulp and the seeds of the pumpkin. The visit to the Apple Orchard is this Friday, October 19th, parents may take their children to particpate or bring them to school. The infant and toddler classrooms are open in the morning.


The visit to Erwin’s Apple Orchard is this coming Friday, October 19th. We are asking families to meet staff at the orchard between 9 and 9:30. The hayride leaves promptly at 10:00. Each child/adult will receive 1/4 bag of apples, a small pumpkin, a glass of cider and a donut. The charge is $8.75 per person. You will receive a charge for this event through Sandbox. We look forward to seeing you there!

Our Halloween Party is Friday, October 31, 2018 from 9:30-11:00 pm. The children will engage in Halloween activities, prepare a snack, etc. Between 10:00 and 10:30 the children will trick or treat at the fire department followed by trick or treating in our parking lot. We are accepting donations of treats from families. If you are able to make a donation, please place it in the kitchen. Thank you in advance!

Enjoy these photos from the toddler classroom!

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School News 10/4/18


Greetings Families,

Picture Day is coming! On Monday, October 8 beginning at 8:30 the infants, toddlers and the Pine Room will have their pictures taken. On Tuesday, October 9 at 8:30 the Cedar and Maple Room will have theirs taken. The children DO NOT need to wear their uniforms. Options for purchasing your child’s picture will be send approximately one week later.

Please mark your calendar for our upcoming visit to Erwin’s Apple Orchard on Friday, October 19, 2018. There will be a sign up sheet at the sign in area above the fish tank. This will help us with the count for reserving the hayride wagons.  Please note how many people total will be attending from your family.

The address for Erwin’s Apple Orchard is:

61475 Silver Lake Rd, South Lyon, MI 48178

The preschool classrooms will be closed on the day of the apple orchard visit.  This is a family event so an adult(s) must attend with their child.  The school will not be arranging transportation to or from the apple orchard.  Please plan on arriving at Erwin’s between 9:00 and 9:30 am. The hayride wagon leaves PROMPTLY at 10:00. Each person will receive 1/4 bag of apples, a small pumpkin, a cup of cider and a donut for $8.75.  You will be billed for this through Sandbox.  The preschool classrooms will be CLOSED for the morning and open at 12:00 for the afternoon session. The infant and toddler classrooms will remain open. All of the preschool teachers will be attending, we hope to see you there!

On Wednesday, October 31 the center will celebrate Halloween with a party in the morning. The children may wear their costumes (no weapons) over their clothes or you may also bring their clothes and the teachers will help them change. The party will begin at 9:00 and end at 11:30. We will provide specific information on activities one week before Halloween.

News from the Cedar Room

This week in the Cedar Room the children began to study North America and North Amercian animals. In practical life the children experienced flower arranging. Please see the picture of Jampei below, his flower arrangement is at the front sign in area! The Sensorial Presentation was Geometric Circles, the Geography Presentation was presenting the parts of a globe and it’s function. The Sciene Presentations were focused on the parts of a tree, naming the three parts of a tree and exploring objects that are magnetic and non magnetic. The Grace and Courtesy presentation was about the Peace Rose and the Cultural Studies presentation focused on the USA. The teachers are requesting that families send spoon or fork that is labeled for your child’s lunch. Also, please check your child’s file on Fridays or Monday of the next week if your child does not attend on Friday.


News from the Maple Room 

This week during Large Groups the children enjoyed songs about the North American map and a book  There was a zipper presentation so children are able to zip up their coats in preparation for the colder weather. The children also enjoyed pumpkin stamping. In Practical Life children practiced spooning with jelly and bread (food preparation). During the Geography presentation the children looked at the globe and engaged in a discussion about the equator. The Grace and Courtesy lesson focused on children covering their mouth while coughing ( in preparation for the cold and flu season!). The teachers are requesting that when parents drop off to please hang up the child’s coat, check to see if they need to use the restroom and then walk into the room and begin a work. Please be aware that the children and teachers are already at work. Please also send in silverware for your child to use at lunch.


News from the Pine Room

This week the older children participated in the bank game. During large group the concept of odd and even and mapping and directions were introduced. The children also learned the continent song. The Practical Life Presentations involved spooning and stringing and lacing. Children also practiced putting on and zipping their jackets. This week in food preparation the children pulled grapes of the stem, spread cream cheese on bagels and made a sandwich with bread and jam. The Sensorial Presentations involved the Color box2 and the Constructive triangle box. Geography Presentations consisted of lessons related to the globe, a world map and the hemiphere. The was a discussion of about the layers of the earth followed by the children making a booklet of the layers of earth. The Science Presentation focused on parts of the apple including the three part cards of the life cycle of the apple and an apple sequence card booklet. The Grace and Courtesy lesson focused on when to say “please” and “thank you” and “excuse me” and a reminder to cover our mouth when we cough.The children also had the opportunity to paint dab an apple shape and also push pin an apple shape. Monday is our picture day. The children do not need to wear their uniform, if you want to dress your child in a nice outfit and would like your child changed after pictures, please send in an extra outfit and let one of the teachers know.


News from the Toddler Classroom

The theme for the week was Pumpkins.  For large motor the children enjoyed jumping in a circle.  The teachers read “Over in the ocean” and “Five little monkeys jumping on the bed”.  For the Practical Life Presentation the children observed and participated in pumpkin washing, they also enjoyed scooping  rice and pasta. The Pink Tower and the Spindle box were introduced during the Sensorial Presentation.  In the art area the children enjoyed leaf printing. Picture day for the toddlers in Monday, October 8, you can dress your child in a nice outfit and send in extra clothes and the teachers will change them. (Photos to come!)




School News 9/28/18

Greetings Families!

We had a successful Parent Orientation  with many of our new families on Thursday, September 27. Here are some of the items that were reviewed last night:

Please read the Parent Handbook ( it is on line) and use it as a reference for any questions you may have during the school year. All of our policies and procedures are explained. Please stop in at the office if your question or concern is not resolved with the information in the handbook. We are happy to assist you in any way we can.

  • We briefly talked about our program philosophy which is also in the handbook. Our goal is to support children to develop a love of learning and become life long learners. We meet each child at their level, following their lead. We do not push them ahead of what they are ready for nor do we hold them back. If you have specific questions regarding your child’s academics please contact your child’s lead teacher(s).
  • For children to receive the full benefit of the Montessori curriculum it is important that they are here by 8:30. Please make sure to pick up your child at their designated pick up time; otherwise it may cause us to be out of compliance with our adult-child ratios.
  • Food policy- please know that the teachers encourage children to eat their lunch/snack. We cannot force or punish them for not eating everything that is packed for them. Also, we cannot keep them at the table until they eat everything (this is a licensing policy). They will be given reminders to finish eating and once lunch or snack is over, any remaining food will be sent home.
  • Please remember that it is a center policy that uniforms are worn Monday-Thursday. A light blue top and a dark blue pant or skirt (or jumper) can be worn.
  • If you have not signed up for Remind, please do so to receive school closing information. We close if  Novi and Walled Lake Schools are closed due to the weather. A notice will also be emailed and on the news.
  • Please read and follow the illness and health policies in the handbook. Children that have a contagious disease must be kept home until they are fever and symptom free for 24 hours. Children may not received a fever reducer and then brought to school. Please notify the office so that we can post the information to inform families.
  • We want to offer opportunities for families to be involved in our program. Please contact the classroom teachers for opportunities to prepare materials for the classroom at home, help with minor repairs or other items and/or read to the classroom. Amanda is also forming a Parenting Group for parents to learn more abut parenting, child development, discipline at home, and many other topics. Please send us an email with your interests.
  • Tuition is due on the first of each month, and considered late on the 5th of each month. A $35.00 late fee will be applied for all late payments received.
  • The Remind text system: Text the number 81010 and type @nwm2018 as the message.


We will be putting out Scholastic book orders at the front. We now have our class code which is RJH3C. Please use this code online to place any further orders. The books will be delivered to your home. The teachers receive points towards free books and other items.

This week during our Montessori work time the preschool classrooms have were introduced to parts of a flag, parts of a frog and the continents. Food prep for snack is a favorite, the children enjoy various snacks in each classroom. To learn about your child’s work, we suggest using the school’s terminology: ask them what work they did, what did they do in Practical Life or in Sensorial. In all three of the preschool classrooms the children were introduced to and engaged with monomial, binomial and trinomial cubes. These Montessori sensorial materials visually introduce the concept of cubes of binomials and trinomials, while providing a fun challenge.

Dates to put on your calendar for October:

  • October 1- tuition is due
  • October 2- story time with Ms. Emily the librarian from the Novi Library
  • October 5- late fee applied for late tuition payments
  • October 8- the infant, toddler and Pine room children will have their pictures taken in the am (children do NOT need to wear their uniform)
  • October 9 – the Cedar and Pine room children will have their pictures taken in the am (children do NOT need to wear their uniform)
  •  October 19- Family event at Erwins Orchard-details to follow
  • October 31 – Halloween party in the am-details to follow

Have a great weekend!





Weekly Newsletter 9/21/18

Greetings Families,

Each weekly newsletter will have an overview of the work that is taking place in the toddler and preschool classrooms.

This was another busy week as the children learned about the life cycle of the frog, parts of the frog as well as discovering what is living and non-living in our world. The children are also studying the continents utilizing the classroom globes to understand land forms, islands and lakes. In practical life the practices were with spooning, polishing objecs and sweeping. The children were also able to cut bread.

The pictures below show some of the preschool children working with Montessori materials during their work time. One of the photographs depicts two children working on a rug with the pink tower. What is the Pink Tower and why is it pink? The Pink Tower was designed by Maria Montessori herself. The 10 solid cubes vary in size from 1 cubic centimeter to 1 cubic decimeter. These are a pale pink wood. The purpose of the Pink Tower is: coordination of movement, perfection of hand movements, preparation for understanding cubed roots in later math.

Reminder: New families please plan on attending the Parent Orientation on Thusday, September 27, 2018 from 6:00-7:00 pm. It is mandatory for one parent to attend. Returning families are welcome to attend as well. Please no children, we are unable to offer child care for this meeting.

Also remember to be careful in the parking lot.  Please go slow and watch for children popping out behind or between cars.  Back out of spaces carefully.  Safety is our first priority and please take caution with all of our little ones.

Happy fall! the Autumnal Equinox begins on Saturday, September 22, 2018. Please check your child’s extra clothes to make sure they are weather appropriate as the season changes.

With the changes in the seasons comes colds and flu. Please refer to the Parent Handbook, section 20. Health, Illness and &Medical care under Illness at School and Exclusion from the program for our guidelines when a child is ill. If your child exhibits any of the symptoms listed please keep them home until they are symptom and fever free (without a fever reducer).

Please mark your calendar for our annual trip to Erwin’s Orchards & Cider Mill on Friday, October 19th. More information will follow as the date gets closer.

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September 10th-14th

Greetings Families!

During the month of September the teachers are establishing classroom routines and procedures. This week the children continued to learn the proper way to work with the Montessori materials. The teachers continue to do presentations as they introduce new materials. There is repetition and reminders so that all of the children understand the classroom expectations for their success in the classroom. Also during this time the teachers continue to observe, documenting their observations to learn where each child is academically.

This week the Dance and Tumble Tots instructors began their programs. Ms. Miyuki, the Japanese teacher started this week on Wednesday.  Ms. Fumi, the Chinese teacher and Ms. Jacki, the Spanish teacher will start their lessons beginning next Tuesday.

Oakland County vision screening will take place on Monday, September 24 in the morning for all children age 4 and over.

The Parent Orientation meeting has been rescheduled for Thursday, September 27, 2018 from 6:00-7:00 pm. This is a requirement for new families but returning families are welcome to attend as well. The orientation will begin in the Cedar room with a brief presentation by the office.  Families will then move to their child’s classroom for the presentation by the lead teacher.

We have a pesticide company coming tonight to help control insects that attack our boxwood plants.

Have a great week!

Weekly Newsletter 9/7/18

Welcome back to our returning families and welcome to our new families, we are excited to have you join our school community. We are also excited to welcome the kindergarten class of 2030!

This first week the teachers supported the children’s transition into the classroom. They also introduced the Montessori Cycle of Work and the classroom schedule. Time was spent outside on the playground, enjoying lunch time with teachers and classmates and resting as needed.

As the school year progresses this weekly newsletter will include the children’s Montessori work  and the skills that they are learning.  We will also share the theme or topic of study. If there is ever a time that you would like to share your knowledge about a theme or topic please speak with your child’s teachers or office staff. Parent participation is welcomed!

Parent Orientation is cancelled for tonight due to student & staff illnesses.  We will let you know when it is rescheduled as soon as possible.

A new sessions of Gymnastics is starting.  Click on the Registration Form to learn more.

Novi Woods Montessori Center, Inc. occasionally uses pest management applications to protect children on the playground from mosquitoes, or other pests.  Parents will receive advance notice of any pesticide application at least 48 hours in advance.  When possible, we try to have these applications done on a Friday evening or weekend.