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School News for the week of 2/11/19

Hello Families!

Thank you for your treat donations for the classrooms! The children enjoyed frosting a cookie for snack and passing out Valentine’s cards.  Ms Amanda visited each classroom and shared the story of St. Valentine.

On Tuesday, February 19th, the children will participate in a worm presentation by a local group called “Wild Child”. The presentation begins at 10:00 am.

This week in the Cedar Room the children continued to learn about the European countries and discussed the geography of the continents. The children were shown the British flag and engaged in push pinning and coloring of the European countries. At large group there was a conversation regarding the importance of Black History month and  influencia people such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks,  and Jackie Robinson.

This week the children were engaged in Valentine’s projects and enjoyed hearing the story of St. Valentine from Ms Amanda.

The Sensorial Presentation to the children was the trinominal cubes. The Practical Life presentation focused on spooning and tweezing. The older children were working on static addition and caring over numbers.

Please make sure to label your child’s water bottle, lunch box/bag.

In the Pine Room this week the children continued their study of the European countries as well as wild animals. The children also enjoyed working on Valentine projects and hearing a Valentine story. They also enjoyed hearing the story of St . Valentine from Ms. Amanda. The class had a nice Valentine celebration, the children distributed their valentine cards, decorated cookie, enjoying them for snack. The class is also discussing Presidents’ Day. The Practical Life presentation focused on pouring and hand transfer, the Sensorial presentation focused on sound cylinders and the triangular box.

We want to thank everyone for all the treats! We hope that you had an enjoyable Valentine’s Day, have a great weekend! The Pine Room staff.

In the Toddler Classroom the theme of the week was Valentine’s -the celebration of love and affection. The children enjoyed hearing the story, ” The Love from My Heart”. The Practical Life presentation focused on the children putting on their gloves. The Sensorial presentation focused on hot and cold, using water bottles filled with warm and cold water for the children to experience the difference in temperature. The children made a hand print on a red heart made from construction paper.

On Monday in the Maple Room we welcomed back Ms. Girija! This week the children continued their studies of the European countries, they also enjoyed preparing for Valentine’s day. On Valentine’s day the children enjoyed frosting and eating a cookie and giving out their Valentine’s cards to each other. The children were very excited to take home their treat bags! Thank you parents for sending in treats for the children. Ms. Amanda came in to tell the story of St Valentine, which the children enjoyed hearing.

In the Infant Room the theme for the week was feelings and emotions. We enjoyed our books abut emotions and activities about identifying emotions from pictures and from making expressive, emotional faces. Our Practical Life presentation focused on crushing paper. During meal and snack time we continued to learn table manners: staying at the table until everyone is finished and taking time to taste and enjoy our food. Our Sensorial Presentation was to pour and mound oatmeal a we enjoyed the texture and experience of working in a large container of dry oatmeal Our art activity involved the emotion of love. We discussed love in our families and created a special Valentine gift for our parents.

Please see some important information below!

Classroom Pictures **Password is 4555**


Registrations for Summer & Fall are open and you can register online for both by clicking on the link above!  If you register for Fall by April 1, 2019, you will receive a 2% discount off of the regular tuition prices!

Novi Woods Montessori is offering free parenting seminars once a month on Saturdays at 10:00 am.  There will be different topics and you can come to whenever you’re available!  These seminars are to help your parenting journey at home and are open to the public.  Please consider inviting a friend!  Click on the link below.

Parenting Seminars


Links you might need…



School News 2/4-8/19

Greetings Families,

We have updated our events form on the bulletin board at the front counter. It’s hard to believe that Valentine’s Day is next Thursday! I wanted to share some general information with you about the celebration that the classrooms with have in the morning. Prior to Thursday, the children will decorate bags in the classroom that will be used to hold Valentine’s Day cards. Please have your child sign the card but leave the envelope blank (if it comes with a envelope). Some cards do come with lollipops or other candy, you can include this with your child’s card. Please have the cards ready before coming to school. Please check with the classroom teachers about how many cards are needed. If you are interested in donating a treat for the Valentine’s bags please no peanut products, non-sweet treats are preferred. The daily routine will still be in place with a few special activities from 10:00-11:00 am.  Ms Amanda will be telling the Valentine’s story to the children, the children will also decorate a cookie to enjoy and participate in a Valentine activity. If you would like to send in a Valentine card with a special message to your child, the teachers will read it to the group.

Here is what happened in the toddler classroom this week: The theme of the week was Feelings and Emotions. The children enjoyed listening to the books, ” We Go on a Bear Hunt” and “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”. The Practical Life presentation focused on table manners- washing hands before eating, staying at the table until finished, not talking with food in our mouths. The Sensorial Presentation was to touch and feel heart shapes. The art activity involved emotions and facial expressions. Another lesson presented focused on good manners. Reminder: PLEASE send in boots for your child.

In the Pine Room this week the children began to learn about Europe, we discussed European animals and the British flag.The children are push pinning the continent Europe as well as coloring it and also coloring the British flag. The children have been able to see artifacts like a replica of Big Ben, soldiers and a European taxi.

The children have enjoyed working on a valentine project and craft. The Practical Life presentation involved working on twisting and lacing and reviewing our ground rules. The younger children are progressing so well working with sounds. The children enjoyed participating in planting bulbs and are very excited to watch what is happening, so far we have had 5 sprouts growing from 1 inch to 11 inches.  The older children are progressing well with their work on carry over and multiplication.

Parents, please send in all of the appropriate clothing to go outside, the children are very excited to have a chance to run and play outside. For Valentine’s Day please, if you are sending Valentine cards to share only have your child’s name on them and if you want to send in something to share with the children please bring enough for 25 children. Parents, if you would like to send in a Valentine’s card to your child telling them how special they are, send them in by Tuesday, February 12, they can be a card you made, it doesn’t have to be store bought. We will read the message to your child at group time. Have a great weekend!-The Pine Room Staff

In the Maple Room the class discussed Groundhog Day and the children watched  a video on the groundhog seeing his shadow. Our unit study in Europe. Ms. Linda who lived in Norway discussed the food, culture, habits, dressing and lifestyle of the Norway people. She also showed the children artifacts from Norway. Thank you to  Queena’s mom for talking about the Chinese New Year. Some of the children continue to work in their workbooks and continuing with their Montessori work. Parents are welcome to bring  26 Valentine’s cards to share with the class and any treats are welcome. Please bring a Valentine card made out to your child from you telling us what is special about your child. We will read each card to the whole group.

In the Cedar Room we talked about Europe and the countries that make up the continent.  The children were shown a map of Europe.

The children were presented the Binomial Cube. The children were presented carrying and making complex numbers for kindergartners. The kindergartners were presented static addition using GBM for kindergartners.

The children are welcome to bring in signed cards to give to classmates, families may send in a treat to share. Please plan on 26 children. If you would also like to send in a Valentine card to your child with a special message, we will read it at group time.

School News February 1, 2019

Hello Families,

We hope everyone was able to stay inside and stay warm these past two days! It seemed that the children and teachers were ready to come back to school today!

We have updated our events form on the bulletin board at the front counter. It’s hard to believe that Valentine’s Day is only two weeks away! I wanted to share with you some general information about the celebration that the classrooms will have in the morning. Prior to Thursday, the children will decorate bags for the Valentine’s cards that will be delivered by the children. Please have your child sign the card but leave the envelope blank, this will help the delivery go smoothly.  Please check with the classroom teachers on the number of cards needed for the classroom.  Please have the cards ready to go with your child’s signature and put into the envelopes. If there is a treat attached please make sure that it is also ready to go. The teachers are not able to assemble any cards, treats in the morning.

The daily routine will still be in place with a few special activities and treats from 10:00-11:00 am. If  you are interested in making a  treat donation (preferrable non sweet treats and peanut free!)  please talk with the classroom teachers about quantity.

We will resume with the classroom information next week

Have a great weekend!


Hello Families!

Remind Text Message System:  We use an app called Remind to send out important messages, last minute reminders and notices of closure.  We will also be sending out our newsletter this way as well.  Previously, we added all parents via Remind text messaging, but Verizon users will no longer receive our messages via text messages.  So, it is very important that all parents download the app instead of relying on the text message.  Again, if you are a Verizon customer, after next week you will no longer receive our text messages, so please download the Remind app to continue receiving these important messages on your phone.  Follow these directions:

  1. Download Remind:  School Communication from your App Store.
  2. Create an account and confirm you are signed up to receive messages from Novi Woods Montessori.  If you aren’t, click “Join a Class”.  The class code is @nwm2018.
  3. Important:  Make sure you turn on notifications for the Remind App so any messages will pop up on your phone.  If you have any questions, please email Amanda at

We have set up a Shutterfly Shares account in order to better share our class pictures.  This site is password protected and the link is only shared with parents.  Feel free to download pictures of your child or make a photo book of your child’s preschool experience!  The site is and the password is 4555.

Novi Woods Montessori Pictures

password:  4555

The school day begins at 8:30, we hope that families are able to drop off between 8 and 8:30. After 9:00 am please bring your child to the office and we will take them to the classroom. If no one is available please make sure that the classroom is not outside.

Parents- if you have any type of scrap paper for the children to draw on, we would appreciate the donation for child care. We are also looking for recycled materials for child care. Small yogurt containers, paper towel rolls, containers of various sizes, lids, ribbon, yarn, thread,  cardboard, generally we are looking for “beautiful stuff” for the children to use to create with.

The Peace Celebration was cancelled due to staff absences so has been rescheduled for Thursday, January 31, 2019 from 10:00-11:00 am. Parents are welcome to participate in this event. At 10:00 all of the children gather in the Cedar Room to hear the story about the Black Elk, the Medicine Wheel and Martin Luther King Jr. We then sing the Peace Song and parents are then invited one by one to approach the Peace Tree with their child(ren) and say something about their child(ren) and then put the provided flower or animal on tree.

Here is what the infant room worked on this week: the children leaned about and explored their emotions. In the practical life area they practiced pouring and their language presentation involved labeling the parts of the body including the face. The Grace and Courtesy lesson focused on waiting patiently and counting bouncing balls, 1,2.

Here is what the toddler room worked on this week: The theme of the week was colors. The children enjoyed hearing “Brown bear, brown bear”. The children enjoyed exploring colors on the new easel. The Sensorial Presentation was a wintry sensory bin activity, with snow in a bin the children added water colors, they enjoyed the colors in the snow as well as the texture. The children also participated in a color matching activity. Outside the children explored and played in the snow!

Last week in the Pine Room the children continued their unit on Africa, we discussed ocean animals and the seasons. We continue to practice blowing our noses and washing our hands. Our Sensorial presentation was a reinforcement of the sound cylinders. The children continue to work on sounds and the older children are continuing their work on making sentences. We have also had discussions and a worksheet on the seasons. For our geography and cultural studies we continue to learn about Africa and African animals, and the flag.

This week in the Pine Room the children continued their study on mammals, we are also talking about Peace Day and the Black Elk. The  Practical Life Presentation focused on lacing. The children continue to work on sounds and sentences. For a Science Presentation the children put soil in a pot and planted a bulb. The children continued their study on Africa and completed a worksheet on mammals. In math the children are working on recognizing numbers, the older children are working on carryovers and multiplication. Please send in snow pants, gloves and a hat for your child as we go outside every day.

Last week in the Cedar Room we discussed peace day and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., we read the book, “Peace” and the children received a presentation on how to have peace in the classroom using the peace rose. The brown stairs and the pink tower extensions were presented.

This week in the Cedar Room we discussed mammals and peace day. The story about black elk and how he shared is vision of love and peace with others was shared with the children. We sang a song about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and practiced our peace song.



School News 1/7-1/11/19

Greetings Families!

Please mark your calendar for Parent/Teacher conferences on Friday, January 18, 2019. The teachers have sign-up sheets posted in the classroom. The school will be closed on Friday January 18, 2019 and also closed on Monday, January 21, 2019 in observance of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Birthday. The teachers will participate in an in-service day on the 21st.

On Thursday, January 17 Novi Woods Montessori will host a Peace Celebration. Parents are welcome to attend the Peace ceremony which will take place in the Cedar Room. The children will place signs of peace on the tree, parents are invited to as well and offer what peace means to them as a family.  The celebration will begin at 10:00 am.

This week in the Toddler Classroom the theme was Arctic Animals. While outside the children enjoyed practicing large motor movements including running, walking and jumping. They also enjoyed listening to “The Polar Bear” and “Down by the Station”. The Practical Life Presentation was napkin folding and the Sensorial Presentation instructed the children how to sift and sort. The children created a polar bear face out of cotton balls and traced shapes using a pencil.

Please bring hats, gloves, snow pants -please label everything!- The children go outside everyday!

In the Maple Room this week the Geography lesson was the map of Africa, there was a discussion about the African continent and the common animals to be found there. The children continued their work on Ocean animals and listened to the the book, “The Berenstein Bears at the Aquarium”. The children were taught the poem, The turtle, the bunny. In Practical life the children were presented with weaving and finger painting was presented as an art activity. The ground rules were reviewed and the older children found time for addition and multiplication work. The class is getting normalized and the children are busy with their work.

In the Cedar Room the children were introduced to the ocean and ocean animals. The children listened to the story, ” Over in the Ocean”. The children also colored parts of the African continent and ocean animals, they also identified the animals. The sound cylinders were presented for the Sensorial Presentation.

The Pine Room has been missing Ms. Dee this week. She continues to recover from the flu. We hope to see her sometime next week! This week the Geography lesson focused on Africa and the animals found there. The children also began a study of the ocean and ocean animals.

Novi Woods is sponsoring the Raising a Reader in Novi reading program! At the front desk are books that families can borrow. The goal is to have books in homes for children and to “raise a reader” in Novi!  The books need to be returned to the box no later than Thursday, February 21, 2019. The library will pick them up on Monday, February 25, 2019 and leave a new set of books! Please sign the books out on the sign out sheet provided. Thank you and enjoy!!

Novi Woods Montessori will participate in the Preschool Child Care Information Fair at the Novi Library on Saturday, January 19, 2019 from 2:00-4:00 pm. Please tell anyone you know that is looking for a high quality program to come and see us!  If a family enrolls and mentions your name, you will receive a  $50 credit on your statement.  Only one family can be credited for the referral.

If you’d like to sign up for a parenting group that will meet on Wednesday nights from 7:00-8:30 pm, please fill out this Registration Form.  We will be talking about Positive Discipline and will learn easy, effective ways to implement new positive discipline practices in your home.   Invite a friend or neighbor!  This is open to the public and not directly related to the school program.



School News 1/2-4/19

Dear Families,

Happy New Year!

This week was a short but busy week! Here is what happened in the classrooms!

The Toddler classroom wishes everyone a Happy New Year! The children are adjusting well in class after the holiday break. Ms Evelyn presented to the class, self care-hand washing, nose blowing, etc. We will get back to our normal routine next week.

Happy New Year from the Pine Room! We hope everyone had a nice holiday. The children are adjusting well after the break. We would like welcome new students Daphne and Shivika to our classroom. This week we revisited the classroom ground rules. The older children were introduced to punctuation for sentence writing and we began to explore how a volcano works with baking soda and vinegar.

Happy New Year from the Cedar Room, we hope you had a nice holiday. We introduced Africa and talked about the seasons. We also revisited classroom ground rules and discussed parts of the snowman. Please remember to bring your child’s snow pants, boots and gloves.

Happy New Year to all of our dear families from the Maple Room! This week we reinforced the ground rules. Individual presentations were given in Ten board (math). In language we introduced sentence construction (by using punctuation). In science we talked about the seasons. We also read the book, ” What makes weather?” For a presentation we used nomenclature cards for the seasons. We also talked about snow and read the books, “Frosty’s New Friends” and “The Smallest Snowman”.

A new Parenting Group is forming.  Amanda Pullukat is leading the group on Wednesday evenings from 7-8:30 beginning 1/16/19.  This group will focus on parent strategies at home and we’ll start with discipline.  Here’s what you’ll be learning!

  • Controlling Negative Behavior: Learn an amazingly simple technique to get the kids to STOP doing what you don’t want them to do (whining, arguing, tantrums, etc.).
  • Encouraging Good Behavior: Learn several effective methods to get your kids to START doing what you want them to do (picking up, eating, going to bed−and staying there, etc.)
  • Strengthening Your Relationships: Learn powerful techniques that reinforce the bond between you and your children. 

The method you’ll learn is simple and gentle-but-firm approach to managing the behavior of 2 to 12-year-olds.  It is free and is separate from school so you are welcome to invite your friends to join.  Join at: Parenting Registration Form


School News 12/17-21

Greetings Families!

The Winter Festival Recital was a huge success! Thank you to all of the  families that were able to participate! It was a fun time for all!

Just a reminder that we are closed from Monday, December 24- January 1, 2019. We re-open on Wednesday, January 2, 2019.

On Friday, January 17 the children and teachers will participate in a Peace Celebration. We will provide more information closer to the date!

Please plan to attend a Parent-Teacher Conference on Friday, January 18, we will be closed for children this day.

Mark your calendars as a reminder that we are closed on Monday, January 21. This is in observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. day. The teachers will participate in an in-service day.

Please make sure to sign you child(ren) in and out each day. We must have an accurate count of the number of children in the building at any time.  We need this information especially in the event of an emergency, we need to keep everyone safte!

Please make sure that you are signing your child up for hot lunch if needed. Over the past several weeks we have had children without a lunch and have not been signed up for a hot lunch. We want to make sure that we have enough food available and prepared for all of our children.

Please review our illness policy to help us prohibit, contain any illness in the center. If your child exhibits any of the following symptoms, please keep them home and call to inform the school of the absence. To protect all children at Novi Woods Montessori Center Inc., your child will not be accepted at the center if he/she has any of the following symptoms:

  • thick, colored discharge from nose or eyes
  • persistent and productive cough
  • red or runny eyes with persistent sneezing
  • Fever- children must be fever-free w/out the use of fever reducer for 24 hours
  • diarrhea and persistent abdominal pain.
  • nausea and vomiting
  • Pink eye
  • Lice or Nits
  • Listless, refuses to eat-often a sign of the flu

Please see the parent handbook for a complete list of symptoms

The children enjoyed story time with Ms. Emily from the Novi Library. She visits at least twice per season. Novi Woods Montessori has been asked to be a test site for the Library’s new lending library, Raising a Reader in Novi. Beginning in January there will be books on display at the front counter. Children may borrow the book(s) for a few days or a week, all books must be returned to the library on Monday, February 25, 2019. The goal is to get good early childhood books into the hands of our children!


Have a safe and happy holiday! Everyone at Novi Woods Montessori wishes you and yours a very happy and prosperous New Year!

School News 12/10-14/18

Greetings Families!

Thank you to everyone that was able to donate a pair of pajamas to the Scholastic Classroom  Pajama Drive! For each pair donated Scholastic will donate a book to a deserving child!

Please note that Tumble Tots will send out a new flyer on January 2, 2019 for the new session  beginning Thursday, January 10, 2019. If you turned in a payment for this past week and would like to have it returned to you, please notify the office and we will provide it or we can hold it and give it to Mr. Robbie in January.

The children have been practicing  for the recital this coming Thursday! Please note that the Center will close at 3:00 pm so families and teachers can prepare for this special event!

Novi Woods Montessori will be closed on Monday, December 24 and re-open on Tuesday, January 2, 2019. 

In the Toddler Classroom this weeks theme was Winter! The children enjoyed the books, “The Penguin Who Wanted to Fly” and “Over in the Farm”. The Practical Life Presentation involved the children learning how to use the mortar and pestle to pound and grind cereals,  pretzels and crackers for the birds. The children enjoyed decorating a Gingerbread Man with glitter, googly eyes and glue! The children also engaged in a lesson of sorting mittens and socks into pairs of the same color. PLEASE don’t forget to send in your child’s winter snowpants, boots, gloves and a winter jacket. We do outside everyday weather permitting. Thank You!

In the Pine Room the children and teachers discussed the layers of the earth, continued their study of dinosaurs and invertebrae and vertebrates. The children received a presentation on volcanoes. The ground rules were reinforced as well. The children continue to work on writing sentences and sounds including blends. We also continued our study of dinosaurs and fossils. Volcanoes were introduced and we watched a short clip on volcanoes. Some of the older children were introduced to multiplication. We have been practicing our dance for the winter festival, the children are doing great in the classroom. Please don’t get discouraged if your child does not perform on stage, it takes alot for our young ones to get up in front of a crowd. If your child has a Santa hat, please let them wear it the day of the festival. Ms. Dee has 12 hats, not enough for all of the children. If you have any questions please contact the morning teaching staff. Have a safe and great weekend! The Pine Room Staff

In the Maple Room the children continued working on types of dinosaurs, fossils, vertebrate and invertebrate. Layers of the earth were presented (normanclature card). We also discussed holidays around the world, the history of Christmas was discussed. The children were taught how to cough and sneeze as part of a Grace and Courtesy lesson in practical life. We are all busy practicing for the recital on the 20th. The older children are working on static addition and in language we are working with blends, (fl,pl, fr, tr, and cl). The class is running smoothly and the children have adjusted well to the Montessori environment. Parents- if you have any questions regarding the recital, kindly contact the morning teaching staff.

In the Cedar Room Ms. Alya has been out of the classroom and will catch up with her information next week.

On Monday the children particpated in a Winter Solstice lesson with a group called Wild Child! They made luminaries and bird feeders. They also has cider! Enjoy these pictures of this fun event!

School News for the week of 12/3/18

Hello Families!

A new session of Tumble Tot Gymnastics is starting.  This program is on Thursdays at 12:30 and is an extra fee, payable to Tumble Tot.  Click on the Registration Form for more information.

A parenting group is forming on Wednesday nights from 7-8:30 pm, starting January 16.  At the meetings we’ll discuss a parenting book and strategies for raising healthy, happy children.  This group is open to the public, so consider asking a friend to come.  Register HERE.

Winter Festival Recital

This week the children were practicing their songs and dances for the Winter Festival recital! They are very exuberant singers, we in the office have enjoyed listening to them practice!

The recital is Thursday, December 20 from 6:00-7:00 pm. Please have your child at the Novi Civic Center no later than 5:45. There will be signs and staff directing you to the room where the children will wait until it is their turn to perform. The toddlers will perform first, toddler parents are welcome to join their child(ren) on stage and then take them to their seats after their performance. The preschool children will return to the same room for pick up as drop off. You are welcome to return to the performance room for cookies with your child and teachers! We have the venue until 7:00 pm and must leave promptly at 7:00 pm.

This week in the Pine Room there was a discussion about Dinosaurs, volcanoes and land forms. In the Practical Life area the children were exploring  new puzzles, putting them together without the control board. They were also working with different types of water activities. In the Sensorial area the children continued to explore all of the extensions with the different materials. We also continued to work on our sound groups for our language activity while the older children also continued to work on their workbooks, journals and writing sentences. During our Science Presentation the children were introduced to vertebrates and invertebrates, working with three part cards on vertebrate and invertebrates. During the Geography & Cultural Studies Presentation the children were introduced to land forms (lake and island), what is the difference between them and also being able to pour water to make the difference. The children continued to work with the red and blue rods 1-10 with the older children working on carry over addition. The teachers introduced fractions, whole, half, one third and one fourth. A few reminders: Our Winter Festival Recital is Thursday, December 20th. Please have the girls wear a holiday festive dress and the boys wear a green or red shirt with black pants.

In the Cedar Room this week we read books about volcano’s including the types and the parts. We discussed the parts of a snowman and also types of dinosaurs! In Geography we discussed how holidays around the world are celebrated, we read about Hanukkah. To prepare for the Winter Festival recital we began to practice our songs. The children enjoyed making Christmas crafts. A lesson on the three parts of land forms was presented to the children as well as the metal inset. The children are enjoying learning every day! A few reminders: Please make sure that you child has gloves or mittens to wear outside every day. The school recital is Thursday, December 20. If you have any questions regarding what your child needs to wear for the recital, please contact the Cedar classroom teachers! Have a great weekend! Ms. Akosh.

The theme of the week in the Toddler Classroom was outdoor and indoor sights and sounds. The children were busy this week moving blocks from one area to another and making a train that everyone rode! The children enjoyed the “Touch and Feel-Winter” book. In Practical Life the children practiced simple flower arranging. The Sensorial Presentation was the texture box with grains, beans and shells. The children created mini bird feeders using cardboard tubes, flour and strawberry jam. They really enjoyed watching the birds eat the seeds that are hanging on the fence. The children also enjoyed learning the names of different insects and sea animals. A few reminders: Please send in your child’s winter clothing, we do go outside and we want them to be warm.

In the Maple Room this week the children studied Dinosaurs including the Stegosaurus and the T Rex. We read a dinosaur book by Adam Karlson and an article on digging up the fast ( fossils). The volcano was presented and we discussed the terms magma, pathways, lave rock and layers. We continued our discussion on holidays including Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. The children also learned facts about reptiles, amphibians and mammals. We represented the Montessori materials presented so far. Everyday we have been practicing our songs for the recital. Kindly make sure that your child has their  outfit for this special event (red dress for girls, boys red shirt and black pants and black shoes for both boys and girls if possible). for this special event. The addition strip board and the multiplication board was introduced to the older children. Thank you!