School News 7/21/17

Hi Parents,

This week we had fun participating in many sports and other games.  We even made our own Olympic medals!  Next week we will combine magic and science (as some science seems like magic at this age!)  We will explore different scientific reactions that look magical, make some slime, taste slushees (made with just apple juice) and enjoy a magic show.  If you’d like your child to watch the magic show, please sign up near the sign in sheets or click HERE to sign your child up.  No need to do it in both places.  The magic show is Wednesday, 7/26 at 10:00am.  The cost is $9.

Please give 2 weeks’ notice when changing your summer schedule.  It is important for us to staff appropriately!  An email is the best way to communicate this.

When you sign your child in, please take care to write the time and initials on the line corresponding to your child’s name.  Make sure you’re not accidentally signing on another child’s line.

Starting next week, a late fee of $15 will be automatically applied to your account if your weekly tuition has not been paid by Wednesday.  Please do not worry about other small fees such as hot lunch, extra hours of care or field trips as those are usually billed a week late.  Tuition, however, must be kept up to date. Thank you for your understanding.

If you are interested in setting up direct debit, please click HERE for instructions on how to set that up through the Parent Portal.  If you don’t have a Parent Portal through Sandbox, email the office and we will send you an invitation to set up your account.  The school will automatically debit your account each Monday UNLESS you let the office know that you would like to pay the school yourself through this service.

Another note about Sandbox and the Parent Portal…only 1 parent can access the billing information.  If you are not able to see the billing information when you log in, then the payor is set to the wrong parent.  Send a quick email and we can change the payor to the appropriate person.  We suggest that if both parents want to access billing that you both use the same email and password.

Please turn in fall forms asap.  If you’re registered for summer, that doesn’t mean your registration is ongoing.  You must turn in a fall form and an $80 registration fee as well to hold your spot.  If you haven’t turned one in, you can get one from the office or click HERE.  The tuition rates are HERE.

Mosquito Joe’s will be out Saturday to do a treatment.  They always spray on a Saturday when children are not present.  They only spray the vegetation surrounding the school and not the playground itself.



School News

Hi Parents,

We had a lot of fun last week in Lego-Engineering week.  We painted with Legos, constructed a bridge of Legos over a ‘river’, used toothpicks and mini-marshmallows to engineer our own designs and more!  Check out the pictures below.

On 7/26/17 at 10:00am we have our 2nd in-house guest.  We have a magic show planned!  The charge is $9.  If you’d like your child to attend, please sign up on the clipboard near the sign in sheets OR you can also click HERE and sign your child up.  No need to do both!

  • Please double check your schedules to make sure you are attending the weeks you have signed up!  If you need to check, please see the office.
  • Please put your child’s name on your check.  Sometimes last names do not match up!
  • Turn in your fall forms!   If you are registered for summer, that does not hold your spot for fall.  There is a separate form for the academic year.  Click HERE  for the form.

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School News: 7/7/2017

Hello Parents!

We have had a fun week learning about USA and making all sorts of Red, White, and Blue projects!  We even had a fun Parade around the school this morning! Here are a few pictures!  2.JPG1.JPG

20170707_105844.jpg20170707_110918 (1).jpg20170707_110324.jpg

Next week we will be talking about Sports and Olympics!  We will continue to play outside in the water and your child will need water shoes, swim suit, and towel to participate.  Without water shoes, we will not allow you child to change into their swim suit.  They will be playing on wood chips and cement, and it is not safe with out shoes!

We have been sending lots of school reminders on the Remind App.  If you have not signed up, please do so!  It is an easy way to keep involved in our summer camp activities.

Download the free app (Remind). After downloading, select join a class, and search Novi Woods Montessori.  

School News: 6/20/2017

Hello Parents!

The children have had a great time this week exploring the Solar System!  Ask them about how they made their sun projects and what they learned about the constellations.  Everyone had fun with the Steel Drum Band!  We all had fun dancing and listening many instrument! Next week, we will be learning about the USA and will be making lots of red, white, and blue themed projects! We will also be trying out our new sprinklers for water play! (weather permitting)

Important Reminders!

  • School is CLOSED Monday July 3rd and Tuesday July 4th!!
  • Please dress your child in Red, White, and Blue on Friday July 7th!
  • While at school each day, please bring the following items labeled with your child’s FIRST and LAST name (per state licensing)
  1. Water bottle
  2. Swim suit, towel, and water shoes (child can not participate in water play with out them!)
  3. Lunch box with a snack for your child to have at 3 pm! (remember that you need to send utensils for lunch!)
  4. Mosquito Joe will be coming to spray the base of the building and outside perimeter of the playground Saturday, July 1st. Click HERE for details!


Can you help?

As we are planning ahead for projects, we are in need of paper towel tubes!  If you could, bring them and drop them off in the office for a fun project!  Also, we could use your grocery bags! If you could save them for us, we will put them to use! Thank you in advance 🙂 


If you’re not on our text message system, please text @noviwoodsm to the number 81010.  We use it for last minute announcements or any important info such as closures and reminders!


School News 6/23/17

Hello Parents!

We are excited to announce we have brought on a new co-director, Katie Hsu.  Katie will work closely with Angelina and the rest of the staff to help oversee the Montessori program.  Katie comes to us with over 10 years’ experience as a teacher and director.  Her two children, Kamden and Peyton will be attending school with us too.  Katie will start Monday June 26.  Please help us give the Hsus a warm welcome!

Katie picture

Well, Summer Camp is off to a great start!  We had a great time exploring Transportation.  We started off the week talking about land, air and water which is a classic Montessori presentation.  These are the 3 things that make up our earth and it is a basis for all the modes of transportation we use.  Tuesday we talked about many of the forms of transportation and how they move (on land, air or water!)

Monday, we painted with matchbox car tires.  It is free art with no instructions!  We also began coloring our large transportation cut-outs.  See the pictures from Friday when we go to try them on for size.  The kids even requested the teachers race each other!  Tuesday, we made airplanes and rockets and made a car wash for our painted cars.  Wednesday,  we raced cars and made red/green/yellow stoplights.   Thursday we made ice boats and saw used them for a boat race!  Friday was a wrap up day with a fun school bus snack!

Use the information above to talk to your children about what they learned!

Next week is Outer Space.  We plan to talk about the planets in our solar system, the sun, the phases of the moon, asteroids, comets and more!  Crafts will include making outer space sun catchers, a few solar system art projects, studying art such as Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night, and we’ll learn some cool songs.


Some administrative notes…

  • Our Sandbox billing software only lets one parent (email) log in to see your account balance.  If you are the parent who wants to handle the online account and you can’t log in to see your balance, or your balance constantly says $0, that means I have the wrong parent selected!  Please send an email to with your name and we’ll update it in the system.
  • If you’re not on our text message system, please text @noviwoodsm to the number 81010.  We use it for last minute announcements or any important info such as closures.
  • Please bring your child’s swimsuit and towel every day.  We may not do water activities each day, but we will do them throughout the week and this way you’ll be prepared!
  • The sign in sheets are changing slightly. They will return back to an alphabetical format, not separated by class.
  • The hot lunch list didn’t go so well this week.  Look for a new sign up sheet on Monday that will have each student’s name pre-printed and you can check which days you’d like to buy hot lunch.  Lunches will be billed each day or two.
  • Remember, we are closed 7/3 and 7/4.  If you don’t plan to come Wednesday-Friday but are signed up, please let us know ASAP so we can staff appropriately.
  • Older children (completed Kindergarten and above) are encouraged to bring a language and math workbook specific to their level.  Please also bring a book to read.


Please check out our slideshow below for some pictures over the last few weeks.  They include a bike day from earlier in June, crazy hair day, hat day, the tea party, the school picnic and a few from this week at summer camp!

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School News 6/20/17

Hello Parents,

Beginning next week, please have your child (preschool and older only) bring a swimsuit and towel every day.  Label both!  We will be doing water activities not every day but throughout the week.

Remember to bring your bike and helmet on Friday!  (helmet labeled)

On Thursday June 29 we will be having an in-house field trip.  A Caribbean Steel Drum band will be performing a concert for us here at school!  Toddlers, Preschoolers and older children are encouraged to come!  The cost is $9 per child.  Please sign up near the sign in sheets or click the link HERE to sign up.

We have had a case of Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease reported at our school today.  This child has not been to school since last Thursday and was just diagnosed today.  Please read the attached Information Sheet and watch your child for any symptoms.

Hand Foot and Mouth Disease


School Picnic Tomorrow


Please remember tomorrow, Friday June 16, school is closed.  We are meeting at Heritage Park in Farmington Hills from 9am-12pm.  The address is 24915 Farmington Rd, Farmington Hills, MI 48336.

The picnic is for students and their families to celebrate the school year with friends and teachers.  Parents must stay with their children and cannot drop them off.  The school will remain closed in the afternoon for staff training and meetings.

Please bring your own picnic lunch and drinks.  If it is warm enough, pack swimsuits for your children as there is a splash pad there.  We will also have face painting!

Thank you  and we’re looking forward to celebrating with you tomorrow!