The Infant Curriculum

isaiahThe infant room provides a warm and secure environment. Our caregivers are well-trained, nurturing, and dedicated to taking care of our smallest students.  We provide a unique environment by offering exposure to experiences that encourage, assist and protect the normal development of each child. The goals include movement and independence.

Montessori believed that the sensitive period for language begins at birth and continues to about six years of age. From birth, children absorb every sound and recognize speech patterns from their environment.  In the Montessori Infant environment, daily exposure to language through conversations and the reading of good literature helps the child vocabulary and increase independence.

Infant Daily Schedule: 

There is no typical daily schedule for Infants.  Caregivers are trained to meet an infant’s needs.  Developmental changes take place far more rapidly in infancy than during any other period of development.  The development of trust and security is very important and therefore we recognize that as our first priority.  The following activities are incorporated into our Infants’ day:

  • Rest time
  • Meal time
  • Rocking/holding by caregiver
  • Reading books and playing music
  • Exploration on the carpet
  • Exploration with various toys and music
  • Outdoor time in strollers (when appropriate)
  • Communication and interaction with caregivers
  • Appropriate basic needs such as diapering & feeding