Parent Portal Instructions

The Parent Portal allows you to see your child’s account, update any contact information and see and print statements. You can also communicate with the office by leaving messages through the portal.

Once you have completed the online registration, you will be sent a parent portal invite.  When you click on that link you can make a password.  Only the parent set up as the payor will be able to access billing information.  If both parents would like to access billing information, I suggest both parents use the same email and password to log in.

Any time you would like to access your parent portal go to the following website (best to bookmark it!)

Sandbox Parent Portal


Direct Debit Setup Instructions

If you’d like to set up direct debit (automatic withdrawal from your checking account) please follow the instructions below:

  • After logging in to the Parent Portal click on ‘Settings’
  • At the bottom of the page click ‘Add Payment Method’
  • Select ACH
  • Enter your routing number (ABA code) and account number
  • Click Enable Automatic Withdrawal
  • Within a day or two, there will be two small withdrawals taken out of your account.  This is for Sandbox to verify it’s an actual account.
  • Once those two withdrawals are made, you must log back in to the parent portal using the instructions above.
  • Again, click on ‘Settings’
  • At the bottom of the page follow the instructions to verify the account.  You must enter those two small withdrawal amounts.
  • Your account will now be charged on the day tuition is due.  Any small charges from the previous month such as hot lunch will also be charged.