Making an online payment

Making an online payment through your Parent Portal

Online payments are only accepted through your bank account or ACH. 

  • After logging in to the Parent Portal click on ‘Settings’ from the top bar.
  • At the bottom of the page click ‘Add Payment Method’
  • Select ACH
  • Enter your routing number (ABA code) and account number
  • DO NOT CLICK Enable Automatic Withdrawal
  • Within a day or two, your checking account will have two small deposits added to your account.  This is for Sandbox to verify it’s an actual account.
  • Once those two deposits are made, you must log back in to the parent portal using the instructions above.
  • Again, click on ‘Settings’
  • At the bottom of the page follow the instructions to verify the account.  You must enter those two small deposit amounts.
  • Your account will now be ready for you to make a payment.  On a payment due date, log in to the parent portal and click on “Billing”.  You can now pay your balance by clicking on “Pay Balance” at the top, or clicking on individual invoices and clicking “Pay Invoice”.