Summer Camp

Novi Woods Montessori offers a summer camp from June 19-September 1.   Come join us for an exciting and adventurous summer.  Come for the whole summer or pick and choose your weeks.  We have fun new themes and most importantly, we offer academics to prevent the “summer slide”.

The so-called “summer slide,” which occurs when kids fall behind in reading and math over the summer, is a well-documented phenomenon.  Childrens’ brains still need to be engaged from June to September and we will help do that with engaging Montessori work.  The beauty of Montessori is that children LOVE to learn with these materials and look forward to them every day…even in summer!

With more academically rich – and fun – summer activities available, we can relieve some of the stress parents experience and ensure that children’s learning doesn’t evaporate in the summer heat.  Ultimately, we will do more to prevent the summer slide and help children maintain their academic edge.

Join us for the whole summer, or choose weeks individually.  Children have a great time bringing bikes, splashing with water fun and enjoying other fun outdoor activities.  It’s  a great time to try a week or two of ‘school’ before the academic year starts again.  Call 248-624-2211 or email for more information including registration forms!

6/19-6/23 Transportation
6/26-6/30 Outer Space
7/5-7/7 U.S.A.
7/10-7/14 Legos/Engineering
7/17-7/21 Sports/Olympics
7/24-7/28 Magical Science
7/31-8/4 Water Week
8/7-8/11 Sea Creatures
8/14-8/18 Ancient Egypt
8/21-8/25 Prehistoric Era
8/27-9/1 Food Preparation