Timeclock Instructions

Hello Parents!  We are introducing a paper-free way to sign your child in and out, and it’s all linked to your Sandbox Parent Portal account!

On the first day of school,  you will sign in on a tablet kiosk above the fish tanks.  The screen will look like this:

Timeclock 1

You will enter a 4-digit passcode.  This passcode is already set up as the last 4 digits of your cell phone number (each parent has a different passcode).  Each parent/babysitter/grandparent, etc. will have their own unique passcode.   Parents should have no issues, but other contacts may need to see the office to set up their pin.  After you enter your passcode, it will bring up another screen:

timeclock 2

You will enter the first letter of your first name and the first letter of your last name (so JA for someone named Jim Anderson).  You should now see your name, the time and your child/children listed.  Click on the circles next to your child/children’s names and click Finish.  Your child is now checked in.

timeclock 3

timeclock 4

timeclock 5

When you sign your child out, you will follow the same steps.  You’ll see a different screen at the end with red letters, showing you you’re checking out.

timeclock 6

And, occasionally, you’ll see a note from the office upon check in or check out.  These may be regarding a special event, a school reminder, a request for supplies or other note.  You will be prompted to click ok before signing your child in or out.  Here’s an example:

timeclock 7