Welcome to Summer Camp 2019

As we begin our annual summer camp, please read through the policies & procedures below.

Policies and Procedures

Arrival and Departure:  Please arrive on time for drop-off and pick-up.  Your door code is the last 4 digits of your cell phone number and then the # sign.  Sign your child in and out every day on the Timeclock kiosk above the fish tank.  Your pass code is  the last 4 digits of your cell phone and your first and last initial.  Instructions are found HERE.  Please be patient if your code doesn’t work.  Let us know if your code doesn’t work.  You must authorize any individual other than a parent to pick up your child.  If a staff member does not recognize the individual picking up your child, they will ask for identification and match that to our records of who is authorized to pick up your child.  Please inform any grandparents, babysitters, etc. to bring their identification so they are prepared.  Safety is our first priority.  The door code will be given to you on your first day.

Tuition: Please drop off your tuition check when tuition is due and place it in the tuition box near the sign in sheets.  CLEARLY label your check with your child’s first and last name and for what you are paying.  Remember most banks offer online banking and you can set up automatic payments mailed directly to us.   You may also set up a direct debit method of payment in Sandbox which allows you to quickly log in and pay through that system each time a payment is due- no checks needed.  Instructions are HERE.  Cash MUST be given to an administrator and a receipt must be requested at the time of payment.  Novi Woods Montessori cannot be held responsible for missing cash payments without a receipt.  If you would like to see your account at any time or print statements, receipts, etc. you can do that through the Sandbox Parent Portal (see instructions below).


  • noviwoods.com: Check our website regularly. Our calendar is there and can be imported into your google calendar
  • novimontessori@gmail.com: This is the best way to get in touch. We check it regularly throughout the day.
  • Sandbox Parent Portal: Once you are in our system, you will be sent an email to log into the parent portal.  You can check balances, update contact information and send us messages.
  • noviwoods.com/blog: You will be sent this link via email each week with an updated newsletter.  This will be updated with upcoming events, newsletters and pictures!
  • Remind (Emergency Text Message System).  It is important that you join our text message system.  We will send out last minute information such as closures, reminders & more.  You should have received a text message that says you have been added to Remind for Novi Woods Montessori.  If not, please add yourself by texting the message @nwm2018 to the number 81010, or click on the link above to find out more information.
  • There is a notebook above the fish tank for parents to jot down any reminders (child will be out of town, a grandparent will pick up, etc.) These kind of notes can also be communicated through email.

Change in Schedule:  No adjustment in tuition will be applied unless 2 weeks’ notice is given.  Please send an email to the office.  If you want to check your child’s schedule, log in to your parent portal and click on Calendar.  You will see a green line for the days your child is signed up.  If there’s a red line or blank line, your child is not scheduled those days.

Change your schedule HERE

Add days to your schedule HERE

Hot Lunch: If your child will be eating hot lunch, please sign them up before 10:00 am.  There is a hot lunch signup sheet near the attendance sign in.  The cost is $3 per lunch.  The menu is posted on a bulletin board near the sign in sheets.  We cannot offer multiple options per day, so please do not ask for substitutions (i.e. pancakes on pizza day).  We do not always have substitutions available.

Packed Lunch: If your child is not buying hot lunch, please pack a nutritious lunch.  Due to staffing, we will not be able to reheat lunches, so if your child is bringing leftovers, heat it at home and pack it in a thermos.  Bring lunchboxes to the classroom.  If your child’s lunch has anything that requires refrigeration (yogurt, lunch meat, etc.), you must pack an ice pack.  We are not allowed to serve any foods that are not properly stored.  If we find an item that has not been stored properly in your child’s lunch box, we will have to discard it and your child will receive hot lunch for that day.  You will be charged $3 for the hot lunch.

Medication:  If your child must take prescription or over the counter medications at the center for any reason, please notify a staff member.  In accordance of state guidelines, you must sign a Medication Permission Form and adhere to all rules put in place by the state.  All medication must be in its original packaging and Novi Woods Montessori will only administer medications according to its labels’ instructions.  You are taking full responsibility for any unforeseen reactions your child may have to any medication you ask us to dispense.  The medication form can be found HERE.

Illness:  To protect all children at Novi Woods Montessori, your child will not be accepted at the center if he/she has any of the following symptoms: a fever, a rash or eye infection that has not been diagnosed, or any diarrhea or vomiting.  Children must be symptom free WITHOUT MEDICATION for 24 hours before returning to school.  If your child develops any symptoms while in the center, he/she will be isolated from the other children, parents will be contacted by phone, and the child must be picked up within one hour of that phone call.

Labeling:  State Licensing requires all lunch boxes and water bottles to be labeled your child’s first and last name.  All other supplies must be labeled with your child’s name including blankets and sheets, coats, snow pants, boots, etc.

Parking Lot Safety & Drop off: Please be careful in the parking lot!!  Go slow and watch for children who may dart out from in between cars.  If you arrive late, please check in with the office and we will assist your child in to class.  Please do not interrupt a class in session or ask to talk to the teacher while she is instructing the class.   If you have messages for your child’s teacher or the office, have a note prepared or call/email the office.

Pick up at the end of the day: When you pick your child up, sign them out on the iPad.  If someone other than a parent is picking up, they MUST be listed on the emergency card and they MUST bring a valid driver’s license.  There are absolutely no exceptions to this rule and you may not add anyone to the emergency card verbally or over the phone.  If you pick your child up after their scheduled time, you will be charged $12 for every hour or portion of every hour you are late.  If you pick your child up after our 6:00 pm closing time, you will be charged $1/minute and that is payable directly to the staff member caring for your child.  This is not a service we provide on a daily basis and so regular late pickups can result in cancellation of your child’s enrollment.

Sandbox Parent Portal:  The Parent Portal allows you to see your child’s account, update any contact information and see and print statements. You can also communicate with the office by leaving messages through the portal.  Once you have completed the online registration, you will be sent a parent portal invite.  When you click on that link you can make a password.  Only the parent set up as the payer will be able to access billing information.  If both parents would like to access billing information, we suggest both parents use the same account to log in.  Any time you would like to access your parent portal go to the following website (best to bookmark it!) Sandbox Parent Portal

Parent Portal Highlights: Once you’re logged in to the portal, click on the following tabs at the top:

  • News: You’ll see any notifications for unread messages, your balance due and anything that has been posted in the newsfeed
  • Messages: You can leave the office any billing questions and more.
  • Billing: Only the parent set up as the payer is able to see billing information.  You will see your balance at the top.  You will see all of your invoices at a glance.  Next to the invoice is the billing period for those invoices.  You can click on an individual invoice to see a detailed description or to print it. You can also click on a payment and print receipts for those as well.
  • Child Info: You can update any information such as name, birth date, photo, and medical information.
  • Calendar: This shows your child’s enrollment
  • Attendance: This will show when your child was signed in and out via the kiosk
  • Settings: You can change your login password and set up email notices.  Under Settings, you can also add a bank account if you’d like to eliminate the need to write a tuition check.  You have the option to log in to the parent portal and pay tuition yourself, or for Novi Woods to directly debit your account each due date for you. Please follow the directions HERE