Maple Room News

Theme of the Month:  North America

Science:  We have discussed birds and parts of a bird.  We learned a lot of facts and specifically studied the woodpecker, owl, hummingbird, duck, pelican, ostrich, parrot, peacock and the eagle.

Geography:  Ms. Maya presented the U.S.A map and we’ve learned about Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Nevada, Montana, Wyoming, Utah and Arizona!

Land forms were also introduced.  These are an important Montessori work!  Ask your child what a lake, island (opposite of a lake), isthmus, and strait (opposite of an isthmus) are!

Language:  Students are working at their own pace, but we’ve been studying sight words (words that you see frequently or are not phonetic, such as ‘the’).  Older students are working on word building.

Sensorial:  Many extension works were introduced to broaden students’ senses!