The term Montessori is not trademarked and anyone, regardless of training, experience or affiliation can open a “Montessori” school. It is essential that parents researching Montessori act as good consumers to ensure the authenticity of their chosen program.

At Novi Woods Montessori, our teachers are certified with the American Montessori Society.  This means they have gone through rigorous training, usually over the course of a summer, where they enroll in a full-time Montessori Teacher Training Program.  In addition, once they complete this program, they are required to do a one year internship in a classroom under the guidance of a certified Montessori teacher.

In addition, Novi Woods Montessori uses true Montessori materials.  We follow the Montessori curriculum and order of materials.  This helps to ensure a true Montessori education.

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