Montessori & Common Core

As the Public Schools have transitioned over to the Common Core curriculum, many parents may worry that once their student leaves Montessori and enrolls in pubic school, their child may have a hard time adjusting.  Most parents need not worry as Common Core, like Montessori goes beyond traditional memorization or basic understanding. It requires the child to apply their knowledge to solve problems.  Montessori does have the advantage of using hands-on materials, but is an excellent foundation for Common Core in later years.

Unlike traditional schools, Common Core and Montessori curriculums are cyclic, meaning topics, discussions and skills are covered multiple times in multiple ways.  The skill or knowledge becomes so familiar that it is natural and students can easily apply the knowledge when needed.

Montessori has always afforded students to gain more in-depth knowledge.  The standards set for Common Core should be easily navigated by a Montessori student.