School News 10/4/18


Greetings Families,

Picture Day is coming! On Monday, October 8 beginning at 8:30 the infants, toddlers and the Pine Room will have their pictures taken. On Tuesday, October 9 at 8:30 the Cedar and Maple Room will have theirs taken. The children DO NOT need to wear their uniforms. Options for purchasing your child’s picture will be send approximately one week later.

Please mark your calendar for our upcoming visit to Erwin’s Apple Orchard on Friday, October 19, 2018. There will be a sign up sheet at the sign in area above the fish tank. This will help us with the count for reserving the hayride wagons.  Please note how many people total will be attending from your family.

The address for Erwin’s Apple Orchard is:

61475 Silver Lake Rd, South Lyon, MI 48178

The preschool classrooms will be closed on the day of the apple orchard visit.  This is a family event so an adult(s) must attend with their child.  The school will not be arranging transportation to or from the apple orchard.  Please plan on arriving at Erwin’s between 9:00 and 9:30 am. The hayride wagon leaves PROMPTLY at 10:00. Each person will receive 1/4 bag of apples, a small pumpkin, a cup of cider and a donut for $8.75.  You will be billed for this through Sandbox.  The preschool classrooms will be CLOSED for the morning and open at 12:00 for the afternoon session. The infant and toddler classrooms will remain open. All of the preschool teachers will be attending, we hope to see you there!

On Wednesday, October 31 the center will celebrate Halloween with a party in the morning. The children may wear their costumes (no weapons) over their clothes or you may also bring their clothes and the teachers will help them change. The party will begin at 9:00 and end at 11:30. We will provide specific information on activities one week before Halloween.

News from the Cedar Room

This week in the Cedar Room the children began to study North America and North Amercian animals. In practical life the children experienced flower arranging. Please see the picture of Jampei below, his flower arrangement is at the front sign in area! The Sensorial Presentation was Geometric Circles, the Geography Presentation was presenting the parts of a globe and it’s function. The Sciene Presentations were focused on the parts of a tree, naming the three parts of a tree and exploring objects that are magnetic and non magnetic. The Grace and Courtesy presentation was about the Peace Rose and the Cultural Studies presentation focused on the USA. The teachers are requesting that families send spoon or fork that is labeled for your child’s lunch. Also, please check your child’s file on Fridays or Monday of the next week if your child does not attend on Friday.


News from the Maple Room 

This week during Large Groups the children enjoyed songs about the North American map and a book  There was a zipper presentation so children are able to zip up their coats in preparation for the colder weather. The children also enjoyed pumpkin stamping. In Practical Life children practiced spooning with jelly and bread (food preparation). During the Geography presentation the children looked at the globe and engaged in a discussion about the equator. The Grace and Courtesy lesson focused on children covering their mouth while coughing ( in preparation for the cold and flu season!). The teachers are requesting that when parents drop off to please hang up the child’s coat, check to see if they need to use the restroom and then walk into the room and begin a work. Please be aware that the children and teachers are already at work. Please also send in silverware for your child to use at lunch.


News from the Pine Room

This week the older children participated in the bank game. During large group the concept of odd and even and mapping and directions were introduced. The children also learned the continent song. The Practical Life Presentations involved spooning and stringing and lacing. Children also practiced putting on and zipping their jackets. This week in food preparation the children pulled grapes of the stem, spread cream cheese on bagels and made a sandwich with bread and jam. The Sensorial Presentations involved the Color box2 and the Constructive triangle box. Geography Presentations consisted of lessons related to the globe, a world map and the hemiphere. The was a discussion of about the layers of the earth followed by the children making a booklet of the layers of earth. The Science Presentation focused on parts of the apple including the three part cards of the life cycle of the apple and an apple sequence card booklet. The Grace and Courtesy lesson focused on when to say “please” and “thank you” and “excuse me” and a reminder to cover our mouth when we cough.The children also had the opportunity to paint dab an apple shape and also push pin an apple shape. Monday is our picture day. The children do not need to wear their uniform, if you want to dress your child in a nice outfit and would like your child changed after pictures, please send in an extra outfit and let one of the teachers know.


News from the Toddler Classroom

The theme for the week was Pumpkins.  For large motor the children enjoyed jumping in a circle.  The teachers read “Over in the ocean” and “Five little monkeys jumping on the bed”.  For the Practical Life Presentation the children observed and participated in pumpkin washing, they also enjoyed scooping  rice and pasta. The Pink Tower and the Spindle box were introduced during the Sensorial Presentation.  In the art area the children enjoyed leaf printing. Picture day for the toddlers in Monday, October 8, you can dress your child in a nice outfit and send in extra clothes and the teachers will change them. (Photos to come!)